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5 Correct Ways to Use Veneer Woods

Best Applications to Use Wooden Veneer Sheets

Before knowing the correct ways to use wooden veneers, it’s important to understand what wooden veneer really is. So let me walk you through this. A veneer is slices of wood that are glued together procured from exotic species. They are used for making panels like cabinets, walls, furniture, ceilings, doors, and cabinets. 

If you like designs and want to give an extra touch to your interiors and stand out from others, veneers are the perfect choice for you. It spices up your living space by adding beauty and elegance to it. This is the easiest way to create a luxurious space where most of your priceless moments are spent.

Wondering About the Correct Ways to Use Wooden Veneers?

Here are the 5 Correct Ways to Use Wooden Veneers –

Furniture – Numerous patterns and designs can be made using veneers that are appealing to the eyes. The veneer finish furniture is made from the finest timber giving your home an elegant touch. It increases the beautification of your furniture and adds beauty to your interior. A gorgeous veneer finish enhances the beauty of your dining table. Your coffee table can stand out from any other ordinary table by simply applying a coating of deco real. You can also choose contrasting colors, thereby adding a different angle to your taste.

Ceilings – Want to feel the luxurious ambience, wooden veneers are your way to flawlessness. Moreover, they are moisture-resistant and durable. It gives a perfect finish to your ceilings and makes them stand out from other ordinary homes.

Cabinets – Made from exotic wood, the veneers are of different styles. They are borer proof and termite-proof. There are a variety of veneers available for you to choose from. It gives a unique touch that matches your taste and personality.

Wall Panels – Veneers used in wall panels give an aesthetic look to your living space. It transforms your house into a different level giving it an ornamental blanket. Your home looks unique and is eye-catching to your guests. Veneers turn your wall panels into masterpieces.

Artwork – Wooden veneers are perfect for artwork. It can be used to decorate wooden instruments by uplifting the look and feel of your room. So, add a touch of elegance to your furniture by giving it a layer of veneer.

Which is the Best Veneer Brand in India?

When it comes to veneer, Greenply is the first name that comes to mind. It is appreciated as one of the best veneer brands in India giving your home interiors a royal touch. It uplifts your standard of living. Veneers provided by them are borer proof and termite resistant. Greenply veneers are acquired from other countries such as America, Brazil, Europe, and Africa. As a result of its different origins, every wood has its own unique design.

Veneers offered by them are environment-friendly and are ISI certified. What could be more good than your furniture resisting the spread of fire? The veneer finish furniture conforms to zero-emission which ensures the safety of not catching fire easily. It provides you with a safe space.

One interesting thing about veneers is that they are made with modern technology. It ensures negligible emissions from the surfaces to ensure safe indoors. 

Having unique interiors helps you relax after a tiring day. Good interiors in office spaces help you think in the right direction and make correct decisions.

Types of Veneers by Greenply – 

  • Wood Crests
  • Royal Crown
  • Kohl Forest
  • Burma Teak
  • Engineered Veneers

Greenply is the wood veneer supplier preferred by interior designers designing your home to make it a better place to live in. Visit the website of Greenply and buy the best veneer sheets online.

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