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6 Tips to Choose the Right Handles & Knobs for Your Wardrobe Doors

How To Choose Right Handles & Knobs for Your Wardrobe Doors

The easiest and most affordable way to renovate your bedroom is by replacing your wardrobe doors. Changing your wardrobes with robust and premium doors will entirely change the room decor and lend a refined look. It’s imperative to buy knobs and handles that are perfect for your wardrobe to augment the look of your wardrobe’s door further. Here are six handy tips that will aid you in choosing the right handles and knobs for your wardrobe doors:

1. Get the Measurements Right

If you’re planning to replace your older handles with brand new ones, then you need to measure the area of your existing handles. Remember, center-to-center measurements must be precisely accurate so that you can effortlessly replace the older handles with brand new handles. Thus, it pays to double-check your measurements so that you don’t land up purchasing incorrect handle sizes.

2. Buy Longer Handles for Taller Wardrobe Doors

Smaller handles or knobs perhaps may get lost in the huge area of material that forms the door itself. Besides, longer handles are expected to work far better on tall wardrobe doors providing better aesthetics.

3. Refrain From Picking Knobs & Handles from Different Collections

To get better results, you should buy door knobs and handles from the same collection so that the styling remains consistent all through the furniture pieces. If you take the unusual route and mix and match within varied collections, then you won’t get a cohesive result. Therefore, it’s vital to refrain from buying one knob from one collection and one handle from another.

4. Ordering the Right Quantity of Knobs and Handles

Many times people don’t double-check before ordering the knobs and handles for their home furniture and they end up ordering again for the remaining ones. Therefore, it really pays to double-check before you order the hardware for your furniture sets, and saves your precious time and energy.

5. Never Select a Handle or Knob without Inspecting Clearance Levels

It is vital to inspect clearance levels when selecting handles or knobs. It helps you to find out whether enough clearance is there or not when the door or drawer is opened. Well, there is no point in installing heavy handles or knobs if the wardrobe doors open together because they are going to clutch each other when the two doors meet. Rather measure the space and pick your hardware as per the size. When you select the right handles for wardrobe doors, they can appear aesthetically pleasing as well.

6. Quality & Durability of Knobs & Handles is Crucial

When buying knobs and handles, you’ll have to purchase them in multiples, so keep this in mind. The point is that before you realize it, the total cost can soon accumulate. In addition, it is important never to compromise on quality and durability when buying knobs and handles. That’s because if you buy some cheap handles and knobs and install them, soon you’ll find yourself buying another set because the cheap knobs and handles may get damaged. Even if you pay a bit more for quality handles and knobs now, it will last you for many years to come and ultimately will save you money in the long run.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is before you jump in to purchase; ensure to follow some of the advice mentioned above if you want to get it done right.

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