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Congratulations on deciding on your study abroad trip .!! But wait, have you gone through the following 8 points? Just deciding to study abroad doesn’t make your plan successful. You will have to put in some valuable effort to make it come true. With proper planning and effort, your study abroad experience can be amongst the best experiences of your life. Here are the 8 things to prepare before studying abroad in 2022.

1. Find ways to finance

Studying abroad can be expensive. Before applying to any program, estimate how much you will need during your time abroad. After estimating the amount including your tuition, accommodation, and living expenses, it’s time to gather funds. Some students might qualify for educational loans. Also there are multiple scholarships schemes available specifically for students who wish to study abroad. Here is a guide to give you an idea about the costs of studying abroad: How much does it cost to Study Abroad

2. Research Your Destination’s Local Customs, Culture, and People

Discover as much as you can about traditions before heading abroad. By knowing briefly about it, your study abroad experience will be enhanced and your time spent there will become more meaningful. Take some time to better familiarize yourself with your soon-to-be home’s culture, history, geography, economy, government, etc everything! Talk to people who have been to your planned destination and gather details. Grab the opportunities to watch movies and read online more about the country and its culture.

3. Refresh Your Language Skills

Traveling and staying in a stranger country will become much easier if you are used to the sound of the new language. Even knowing a few sentences in the local language can make your life easy in the first few days of adjustment in a new country. Join the language classes, ask friends for help, or download applications, like Duolingo. You can also use podcasts for your daily commute to school.

4. Have all the necessary documents

A current passport will be required to enter a new country and to return home. You might also need a student visa to enter and stay abroad. Make sure you have all the documents required for the student visa application and also a valid passport. Also, ensure that the visa should cover your entire study abroad period. You should check this for more information: Student Visa Requirements to Study Abroad in Various Countries

5. Student accommodation

Before leaving your home country, make sure you have made arrangements in the new country to stay. You can connect with your university for the accommodation facilities. Abroad Universities are always helpful in this matter for international students. You can also research online or ask your relative or friend staying at your new destination. There are several options for housing, Choose the one where you will feel comfortable and also doesn’t cost much. You may have the following study abroad housing options are

  • Dorms,
  • complete apartments,
  • shared flats,
  • even roommate arrangements.

6. Purchase Plane tickets in advance

Do not wait for the last month to buy your air tickets to move abroad for your studies. The most ideal time to purchase your ticket is in the three-month range before your departure. Your flight journey will be a great start to the adventure of studying abroad.

7. Bag-packing

Since you need to spend months or years in a new country, it is important to plan and pack wisely. You should carry all the important stuff without heaving your luggage. Here we have made a list of a few essentials you would need to carry abroad:

  • All the relevant documents and visas
  • Enough prescription medicine for the duration of your stay.
  • Electric adapters
  • Essential jewelry
  • Laptop and mobile chargers.
  • Hoodies, jeans, warm sleepers and shoes, a coat/jacket, a special occasion outfit with you.
  • Socks, belt, and cap/hat
  • Your toiletries
  • Bedsheets, pillows
  • Office supplies like paper, pen, folder, etc
  • Makeup
  • Sanitizer and masks
  • Backpack

8. Scholarships for international students

You can get connected with your respective universities regarding scholarships and grants available for international students. Research for government scholarships both in your home country and host country. You can also find some external organizations that can offer you financial aid in the form of a scholarship for studying abroad.

Before applying for any scholarship check the eligibility criteria and requirements.

Along with the above 8 pointers, you should check the coronavirus status in your planned study abroad country. This is an unfortunate side effect of the new normal, which is beyond control. Presently the world has been very strict for the entry rules of any international people. Check out the vaccination requirements before you plan your journey.


Obtaining Education Abroad will be one of the most challenging experiences of your life. Your journey of study abroad begins from the point you decide to study abroad. Preparing for your journey is vital to make it smooth and easy. We hope the above-mentioned 8 things to prepare before studying abroad in 2022 will help you with this. Also, be prepared mentally to get mixed up with the new people and live a new life for the next few months or years.

For any study abroad guidance, you can get connected with our experts. We wish you All the best for your new journey of studying abroad ..!!

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