Advantages of Having an Offshore Merchant Account

Advantages of Having Offshore Merchant Account

High-risk businesses generally face challenges in getting an offshore merchant account in their country of origin. For most of them, executing business with offshore merchant account providers makes the most sense. These payment providers can be generally beneficial for merchants who had merchant account applications declined various times before.

Offshore merchant account providers can also assist businesses in navigating the challenges needed to function as an international company. Global retail eCommerce sales are determined to reach $2.84 billion by the year 2018 and $4.88 billion by the end of 2021. eCommerce is rapidly increasing around the globe. Recommending that online businesses have a lot of revenue opportunities in several countries. Offshore merchant account providers can help smoothen the process and set merchants up for success.

For high-risk eCommerce merchants and those that perform a significant business internationally. Moreover, functioning with an offshore specialist can help smoothen payments and operations.

Provide Access to Deals Across the Globe | Offshore Merchant Account


  • An offshore merchant account offers merchants direct access to markets around the world. These professionals enable merchants to execute anywhere they would like. And can assist them in developing a strong reputation as a reliable global business.
  • An offshore account also delivers merchants’ multi-currency support. Allowing them to receive online payments in customers’ desired currency across the world.
  • Executing business with an offshore merchant account can also reduce misunderstandings that can result in lost businesses. Although, transactions processing in foreign countries. In particular, those known to have a high ratio of fraud are marked by traditional banks. This can lead to blocked transactions and false denials from an online business’s most valuable foreign customers.
  • In most cases, an offshore payment gateway also offers currency conversion services. That will convert foreign funds into the merchant’s native currency. These accounts can also provide lower conversion costs than traditional banks and develop cost-effective options.

Ideal Solution for High-Risk Merchants | Offshore Merchant Account

  • Another reason is that merchants prefer an offshore payment gateway to allow payment processing for their high-risk businesses. Traditional merchant account providers will usually reject applications from high-risk merchants. Making it impossible for those merchants to execute their business. In most cases, high-risk merchants have their accounts terminated. Or adding them to the blacklist can make them out of business permanently.
  • Connecting with an offshore account provider that specializes in high-risk accounts can reignite a dead-in-the-water business.
  • When a merchant acquires an offshore account provider that is suitable for the business. There are various benefits. Most offshore banks deliver a level of leniency that can help high-risk businesses. More comfortable legal and banking rules in other countries can assist high-risk businesses to execute under more suitable terms & conditions. The result is convenient business executions and lower costs.
  • Corporate tax rates may vary for offshore accounts also. So merchants should research how the rates in distinct countries affect their business. Every country is ruled by its own tax laws. And that can be beneficial for a high-risk business. Functioning with an experienced offshore merchant provider that can assist in helping a merchant navigate these considerations. And select the best option for the merchant’s unique business.

Final Words

Amald has more than 10 years of experience as one of the most honored offshore merchant account providers. Our excellent track record and advanced technology features allow us to support businesses of all types and sizes in expanding their global customer base.

We deliver a complete set of offshore payment gateway services to assist and maximize business growth. It also consists of offshore merchant accounts for U.S companies and a high-volume offshore payment gateway. For further information regarding offshore merchant services. You can drop us a mail. We will definitely revert back.

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