Albino Guinea Pigs

Albino guinea pigs are a little in body. They are white in color in their coat. But we find patches of black on the feet. Again on the nose ears also seen patches of black. Sometimes we can think that albino is not guinea pigs breeds.

Albino Guinea Pig Genetics

“Eumelanin pigment is like black and pheomelanin pigment is red”. The following two colors of pigment are the result of all colors of guinea pigs.

Naturally, Guinea pigs with white fur may be the result of the following four things.

1. The white spotting gene

2. Color dilution genes

3. True albinism

4. Lethal white genes

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Albino Guinea Pig Temperament

Now we are going to discuss the temperament of an albino guinea pig. What is the white guinea pig’s personality? Are they more special than other pets by their personality?

Albino guinea pigs are slightly little characters. If you can gently handle them from a little age then they can become confident in your family.

Guinea pigs play with family members, they also play with dogs and even next door cats.

However, White guinea pigs lost their hearing a little bit. Result of white color of their coat.

Albino Guinea Pig Health

We can compare albino guinea pigs to other pets. But Albino guinea pigs are little animals.

You can not have so much healthier compared to other guinea pigs. They are a little bit common illnesses because of their white fur.

Respiratory tract infections, Bladder stones,  Vitamin C deficiency, Stomach upsets, and skin problems.

Other Health Issues

Respiratory tract infections problems are problems of white guinea pigs that are known generally. Sometimes it is shown that white guinea pigs suffer Vitamin C deficiency. You can say it is a common enemy for the white guinea pigs.

Skin problems are common issues for white guinea pigs. From these issues fungal infections, scurvy, etc.

Proper nutrients

For the proper nutrients, they need some fresh vegetables and fruits.

  1. Bananas  2. Blueberries  3. Oranges  4. Papayas  5. Apples  6.Pears 7. Strawberries  8.Watermelon  9.Kiwi  10.Cantaloupe  11.Carrots and carrot tops  12.Peas  13.Tomatoes  14.Green and red bell peppers  15. Other dark green veggies

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Albino Goniea Miss Their Owners

Albino goniea pig are very sociable. When their owners are not near, they miss them and they look forward to them. They can recognize their owner by their senses of smell. This is the process that develops a sense of familiarity. They have emotions for their owners. 

Albino Guinea Pig Care

Like other guinea pigs, white guinea pigs need the same diet. Although all guinea pigs have the same white fur, their grooming is different because of your choice.


Advantages of Keeping White Albino Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs need not walk. They do not need so much space. There are no complaints from neighborough about the guinea pigs. Special on their own. They do not make a lot of noise.

Disadvantages of Keeping White Albino Guinea pigs

White albino guinea pigs are not so suitable for cuddling. Their ability to learn is so limited that it is disappointed. They can not offer enough entertainment.

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