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Best beaches in California to Visit 

California is famous for its picturesque scenery and breathtaking landscapes. The beaches, mountains, terrains, dramatic sand, and many more things together form this beautiful state. Adding to this the man-made iconic spots like Golden Gate Bridge, Hollywood, and Disneyland make it more beautiful. Other things that tempt the tourists are crazy surfing culture, Coachella, the hub of big companies Silicon Valley, and the Wine Country. Talking about the beaches there are some of the best beaches for vacation. 

Visited California and missed the opportunity of taking a sunbath at the beach beside the limitless ocean will restrict you from knowing this state fully? In this piece, we have brought the list of the famous and most attractive beaches that you must tap if you are planning a trip to California. There are some beaches that are popular and attract most of the tourists but few beaches are still unexplored by the people. We have included both categories and it solely depends on you where you want to visit with your friends, family or alone. 

List of Best Beaches to Visit in California. 

10. Santa Monica Beach 

Santa Monica Beach is popular for its fun and adventurous activities that attract most of the tourists. The eye-catching Santa Monica Pier is where you will find the large amusement parks that inculcate many fun activities like board games, video games, a huge Ferris wheel, and many more. Visit this beach and enjoy the thrilling rides and games till the evening. It is indeed one of the best beaches in California.    

9. Venice Beach

You might come across some of the blogs giving information about Venice Beach. Honestly, this beach is quite popular among California citizens and travelers who travel to California. This beach educates you that surfing, rafting, and freediving is not the only activity you could get involved in. There are much more on the coast for example on Venice Beach there is a place to ride bicycles, a three-ring urban street circus, and the book store for you to enjoy.

8. Huntington Beach

Huntington is famous for its stunning view and in 2016 it is awarded as one of the beautiful beaches in California. This beach stretches almost 2 miles long from Beach Boulevard to Santa Ana River Channel in Los Angeles. The sunrise and sunset will make you awestruck which also makes it the best beach for couples. 

Furthermore, you can travel to this beach via car as there are many parking lots behind the beach. This provides comfort to the travelers as they can park their cars and enjoy the aesthetic view of Huntington Beach. This beautiful place is indeed registered in the best California coast. 

7. Leo Carrillo Beach 

At starting we mentioned unpopulated beaches, Leo Carrillo is one of those beaches that places out the best location for you. The best part is that you can enjoy quality time with your family and friends. It is 1.5 miles long and alongside the coast, you would witness huge sycamore trees. 

If you are visiting Santa Monica then you must come to Leo Carrillo Beach to experience the cold breeze, bright sunlight, and warm sand. For a peaceful and fun day, Leo Carrillo is best. Moreover, this place makes best for camping with family and friends.

6. Newport Beach

We know that we have already mentioned the sunset view but you need to come to Newport Beach to enjoy the mesmerizing sunset. All the beaches are westerly facing so it’s natural to view the stunning sunset from the beaches in California. However, there is something different about Newport Beach. The soft and blond sand is stretch almost 5 miles that start from Newport Pier and go to the Balboa Pier. 

Not only the sunset but you will also see talented surfers catching some waves and enjoying their moment. If surfing is not your thing then you can visit the Balboa Island Artwork which generally takes place in May. 

5.  McWay Cove

The pictures are enough to give the first glance at this beautiful beach. This beach has to be one of the best California beaches to visit. Not aggregating but you might get hypnotized with the picturesque scene of McWay Cove. The reflection of the sunrise and sunset on the ocean and the surroundings is just unforgettable. If you are looking for a romantic place then this beach is the choicest one. Having said that if you want to avoid crowds then visit early in the morning. 

4. La Jolla

Are you a fan of dramatic coastlines and sandstones then you must visit this beach. La Jolla is one of the small but beautiful beaches in California. Not to mention the water activities that you can enjoy here like snorkeling and scuba diving. Get the instructor and buckle up for the new and adventurous experience on this beach. Take note that you perform snorkeling in the right condition and under the guidance of the lifeguard.     

3. Stinson Beach, Marin County

Stinson Beach is just twenty miles away from San Francisco and almost two and a half miles from Bolinas Bay. It is highly recommended to take a dip in the ocean because of obvious reasons. If you are an adventure-loving backpacker then California hiking tails are for you. You can also be a part of the trail race if you visit Stinson Beach in June. 

2. Capitol Beach

The seaside vibe, busy market, and tasty food are what make Capitol Beach one of the best California’s best beaches for vacation. The vibe here is different from other beaches mentioned in our list. This beach not only allows you to enjoy the coastline adventures but also provides you with various places to experience the thrilling USA Nightlife. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags, visit Capitol Beach, and create memories that last with you forever. 

1. Pfeiffer Beach

The silk and golden sand plus the gorgeous rock formation make this beach one of the most preferred beaches for tourists. Everything seems to be colored in golden from the rock to sand. And the crystal clear water adds beauty to it. The heavy sound of the ocean surprisingly soothes your ear and makes you feel relaxed. Not to mention, this is a great place for trained surfers who love to do surfing in big ocean waves. The scenery here is like paradise and people love to spend their time with family and friends. 

We have mentioned some of the best California beaches that you must visit if you are in the state. Every beach has its own uniqueness in terms of landscapes, coastlines, and the environment. The fun and adventure element at every beach is totally different and so is the experience. In case you plan to visit only a few then choose your favorite spot and visit there.    

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