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When it comes to exceptional and urbanistic living standards, everyone wants to have a luxurious, modern, safe and easy-reachable residential property. In Pakistan, when we talk about the above attributes and look around, the top-notch housing societies that come to our mind are

  • Bahria Town
  • Citi Housing Society
  • Defence Housing Authority (DHA).

Let’s talk about DHA in general and how it has been providing upscale housing and commercial properties in Pakistan and how it broadened its estate horizons.

Defense Housing Authority

DHA was inaugurated in 1975 to reward our army officials, soldiers, and other security officers for their sacrifices to Homeland. It all started under the supervision and management of Pakistan’s armed forces. It proved to be the best housing authority in Pakistan in a very short period of time. After Bahria Town, DHA stands as the second-largest gated community in Pakistan. They have gated communities all over Pakistan. DHA is totally managed by the Pakistan army and retired officers and generals. Pak army has maintained the society’s quality, discipline, and security, as they maintain within the army’s protocol. This is one of many reasons that retired bureaucrats, army officers, and CEOs opt to have a residence in DHA as it meets their high standard of living.

Why DHA?

There are different reasons to have a residence or investment in DHA. As this society is supported by the Government of Pakistan and the Pak army. This makes DHA less prone to fraud or has fewer chances of No Objection Certificate (NOC) cancellation by the government.

DHA is the face of modern Architecture and house society. The highlight and detailing of houses in DHA are pieces of exceptional modern architecture. The striking front yards and the artistic lawn, porch, master windows, and all such minimal detailing give them a look of a mansion. The alluring architecture has attracted a lot of people, who do not want only a secure and safe community but want to live in beautiful houses surrounded by lush green scenery.

Since the investment in houses is something, bought once in a lifetime and is then passed on to generations. Houses are built once and after that, they just require maintenance after a few years. Residential and Commercial properties built in DHA are using high-quality construction material and efficient use of house space in order to create a comfy spacious space for families. The quality and durability are the major preferences for the builders as well as owners here.

Better Security

In Pakistan, security is the main concern as people don’t want their houses to be robbed while they are outside. People don’t want irrelevant noisy people wandering in their community. They demand to have a pleasant environment, where their families can enjoy quality time and kids can play and walk freely without any fear. DHA entrances have strict guarded entrance policies which don’t allow irrelevant people to enter the society.

DHA security makes surveillance rounds on motorcycles and cars. They have their own head and regional offices where complaints can be registered. The response time is also quick. Moreover, the entire security team is connected with wireless phones and walkie-talkies for better and quick coordination. Security guards also take complaints such as loud disturbing noises, lack of proper care of social facilities, etc.

DHA has a set of specific rules and regulations that residents have to follow and obey at any cost or else they will be fined by the authorized officers.

Property value

In DHA, the property value remains pretty high, due to demand often exceeding supply. More people want to invest in DHA due to the increasing incompetent security situation and property value in Pakistan. Residence, files, and lands in new developmental projects will always give you a good profitable return for your investment in a short time period.

Another important factor is the prime locations of DHA. Society’s location is always suitable for residents because they are near to city centers, airports, and national highways. DHA gives you all facilities, so society members do not have to go outside. Every facility such as educational institutes, eateries and business chains, shopping plazas and cinemas are some minutes away. Residents of DHA find their jobs, medical facilities and household items within vicinity.

DHA  solve the problems of their inhabitants with their quick response services. They have advanced offices with trained and certified staff which solves your problem efficiently. Transfer of plots and commercial regulations are managed easily with secrecy in process.

Flawless Electricity, Water, and Gas Supply

As the whole country faces shortages of energy supply. These problems are not in DHA. This is one of many societies that have maintained their quality standards over the years and continues to satisfy their older and new residents. Even Bahria town residents faces shortages of these supplies during peak time.

Many housing societies initially offers really low rates in residential and commercial properties but these housing societies offer lower rates for a reason. Once you buy a house in these societies, you will come to know a thousand reasons for those lower rates, like poor supply of gas and low quality electricity wires. Water shortage remains the biggest problem of these societies and residence have to depend on the water tanks which are quite expensive.

Planned society

In DHA, do not see problems of overcrowding, flooding, parking, pollution, and garbage. The reason is that everything is done with good planning and strategy before the construction of  whole society. There are different cleaning teams in DHA which keeps the society clean and efficient. When societies are built by DHA, basics necessities such as roads, infrastructure, electricity supply and drainage is planned and connected wisely by keeping future problems and growth. The new societies that are being built have an underground supply of electricity, water, gas and optical fiber for smooth flow. This makes the appearance of society more open, clean and beautiful. Trees, green belts and parks are planted at large scale to keep pollution to a minimum and surrounding temperatures cooler.

DHA housing societies

DHA has expanded their society within years. Major cities of Pakistan have DHA society.

  • DHA Karachi
  • DHA Islamabad
  • DHA Multan
  • DHA Quetta
  • DHA Bahawalpur
  • DHA Gujranwala

Demerits of DHA

In DHA, there are certain rules to live in a posh community which some people find bad. Before the construction of house, you have to get the permission from the DHA office as well as from surrounding neighbours. Construction material and place must be covered by some sort of cloth to avoid pollution. Any kind of noise and disturbance are not allowed. Members have to accept the monthly charges of DHA utility services.

DHA houses and living standard is very high. Middle- income person cannot afford to live in DHA. Some phases of DHA in some cities are far from cities and still undeveloped despite many years. Some cities society have serious problems like DHA Karachi which has the most expensive property faces serious drainage issues and got flooded during the rainy season

There are now many emerging housing societies or projects in Pakistan giving best state of art living standard. From many there is  Sapphire builders and Associates gained high rank because of their good reputation and quality services in real estate. They have experienced builders, planners and a team to make your property the best for living and investment purposes. More information visit our website

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