Everything about Virtual Lab Experiments of Learneon

Virtual Lab Experiments In the present world, where everything is digitalized, learning has also taken its new form to cater to the needs of the students through various online platforms. Students are showing more interest in learning things with a single click rather than experiencing them physically. Learneon is one such digital learning platform where students can learn new things related to physics, chemistry, and biology without needing any physical entity.   

Learneon also facilitates all the virtual physics, chemistry, and biology lab experiments and concerned virtual apparatus that allows the students to perform all the experiments just by selecting the required equipment.  

Lab experiments that can be conducted using Learneon  

As Learneon is widely focused on bringing the virtual world to students, it has a variety of experiments in hand to help the students, such as  

Physics experiments  

Physics is what we see in our daily life, and physics experiments also reflect our day-to-day activities in general. With Learneon, it becomes even more accessible for people to get in touch with these experiments. Some of them include   

9th grade  

  • Density of metal  
  • Archimedes’ principle  
  • Laws of reflection of sound  
  • Speed of a pulse  

10th grade  

  • Ohms law  
  • Resistors connected in series  
  • Resistors connected in parallel  
  • The focal length of a concave mirror  
  • The focal length of a convex lens  
  • Refraction through a glass slab  
  • Refraction through a glass prism  
  • Formation of images by a convex lens 

Chemistry experiments  

Chemistry deals with a detailed study of various substances present in a matter like atoms, molecules, electrons, etc. This is a blend of both physics and biology.  

Here are some of the chemistry experiments that Learnenon deals with  

9th grade 

  • True solutions  
  • Mixtures and compounds  
  • Types of chemical reactions  
  • Law of conservation of mass  
  • Separation of components  
  • The melting point of ice  
  • The boiling point of water  

10th grade  

  • PH of solutions  
  • Properties of acid  
  • Properties of base  
  • Chemical reactions  
  • Reactivity of metals  
  • Properties of acetic acid  
  • The cleansing action of soap in soft and hard water  


Biology is the study of all living organisms present on the planet, their functionalities, and their evolution. This also includes Zoology and Botany. Here are some of the biology experiments that Learneon deals with  

9TH grade  

  • Temporary mount of onion peel   
  • Temporary mount of human cheek cell   
  • Plant tissues  
  • Animal tissues  
  • Diversity of plants  
  • Adaptations in the animal kingdom  
  • Comparative study of dicot and monocot plants  

10th grade  

  • Respiration  
  • Binary fission and budding  
  • Dicot seed  
  • Preparation of temporary mount of a leaf peel  

Benefits of virtual lab experiments  

  • Well-designed equipment where you can access the top-notch apparatus with one click. As a result, every concept of science can be learned virtually without the need for any support.  
  • Complex concepts are learned with ease as everything is all set along with steps and the ways to the experiments.  
  • While real-time experiments have a risk of causing injuries to the students. One can understand and perform the experiments without any physical harm or damage to the equipment by using virtual learning. 
  • Virtual labs are more affordable than physical labs as the school needs an entire room. The laboratory costs much in every way compared to the virtual labs that demand zero costs and maintenance.  
  • Learning flexibility is guaranteed in virtual labs as the students can perform the experiments. And learn things anytime and anywhere based on their convenience and flexibility.  
  • Another benefit of learning the experiments is that we can change, undo, and redo the experiments at once without much effort and hassle. 


Digital learning is evolving multifold and helping students to learn things in a much more easy and more elaborative way. This experimental way of learning with everything set online from equipment to concepts, makes the students go through every topic staying anywhere, anytime. 

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