Few Facts About The Guaranteed Auto loan For Bad Credit

The borrower takes a guaranteed auto loan for bad credit to buy a new car, second-hand car, two-wheeler, or commercial vehicle. All automobile loans are available, and you can get up to 90% of the loan on your new car and 85% for a second-hand car. These loans help borrowers purchase automobiles by paying a minimum monthly premium for 12-84 months.

Factors company analyzed before giving loan 

There are many factors loan companies analyze before giving guaranteed approval auto loans for bad credit.

  • Income is the most critical factor for your loan requirement. Your income should match your loan amount so that you don’t default on your loan by taking more than your income.
  • The credit score is checked at the time of your loan. This score tells your loan repayment behavior and gives you and your company a chance of getting a loan.
  • Previous loan history. The Loan Company sees your previous loan history and current loan to analyze your chance of giving a loan.
  • Age is also the most critical factor for loans. Age between 18-70 years is given loans as they are salaried and have some earnings to repay the loan.

Things you should remember before taking a loan

It would be best if you had some idea about the loan you will take; it will make your journey smooth, and you won’t fall into a trap.

You can check your eligibility for getting a loan through many websites by seeing your credit score. A good score like more than 700 will clear your way to getting a loan at a reasonable interest rate.

  • You should know the current interest rates of your loan.
  • Compare rates from different sources and choose the best deal for yourself.
  • Amount of loan you want. You must be very clear about how much money you need as a loan to choose the best deal.
  • The number of years you want a loan. You should know for how many years you want a loan, so you can compare the interest rate accordingly.

Pros and cons of taking auto loans

There are many pros and cons of taking guaranteed auto loan approval for bad credit, so you must have an idea before going for a loan.


  • Purchase your dream car without giving any money or very little money. So loans help people buy without having money at the time of purchasing.
  • Having auto loans for bad credit and no money down helps you create your credit history and improve it by paying premiums on time, which will help you improve your credit score.
  • You get a tax deduction while purchasing a car on loan, so you have to pay less income tax to the government by showing your loan EMI.


  • Interest on your loans makes the total amount to pay a large sum. As long as you take to repay your loans, interest will keep adding up, which will make a considerable amount in the end.
  • Many people get loans more than their income to pay loans by a company, which affects their credit score and history, making it difficult to get a loan in the future.
  • As there is no collateral given at the time of taking the loan so if you failed to repay the loan the bank will take away your car.

With this loan, middle-class families can fulfill their dream of buying a car or motorcycle without a substantial financial burden.

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