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Do you need to gather patient information quickly and securely? Medical forms created by using intelyForms builder may enable your clinic or hospital to achieve this quickly and easily. 

What is a medical form?

Medical forms are tools that practitioners and healthcare workers use to obtain information and consent from patients before giving treatment. In addition, a medical form helps to record all healthcare activities, including operations, clinical studies, and blood donations. 

At clinics and hospitals, there are a plethora of medical forms to fill out, but happily, intelyForms Builder helps streamline the paperwork with online forms.

Why are medical forms necessary for doctor’s offices?

The process of the medical health forms is simplified with the online data integration process. This process has made the lives of the form collector easy. In addition, the hospital staffs are no longer responsible for the mistakes in the data. 

The details remain correct what is given. It is much more accurate than the people working for money when filling the forms. 

So, it is better that you fill the form yourself than any other dependence. This process is when you update your details in the system, which will be thoroughly integrated. 

Different types of medical documents:

Patient information forms, permission forms, various sorts of surveys, authorization requests, patient assessments, medical appointments, prescriptions, health checklists, and periodic evaluations are all examples of medical paperwork.

With intelyForms builder, a HIPAA-compliant form builder with various form templates at your disposal, you may convert any of these documents into online medical forms.

Here is a list of medical forms required for every healthcare and doctor’s office with all the points in mind.

List of some medical forms:-

Medication Order Forms:

These drug order forms can come in handy if you own a pharmaceutical company. Simply choose your favorite drug order form template, tweak it to your needs (simply drag and drop fields and then update text! ), and post it on your website.

It only takes a few minutes, and no coding is required! You may also choose your favorite payment processor from a wide choice of possibilities!

Counseling Forms:

These free counseling form templates will make your admission, assessment, and referral procedures easier if you’re a psychotherapist, mental health practitioner, or operate a psychiatric institution. 

After using our simple drag-and-drop tool and limitless modification choices, start designing your form with one of the templates.

Dental Forms:

Skip the paperwork and utilize these online dentistry forms to streamline your dental practice operations and satisfy your clients. 

To make dentist appointments smooth, enjoyable, and secure, share the HIPAA-compliant form with your employees and clients.

Diagnosis Forms:

Medical practitioners use intelyForms builder medical diagnostic forms to capture and record their medical assessments. 

They’re simple to personalize because of our drag-and-drop functionality, compatible with Google Drive, Salesforce, and GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Health Forms for Schools:

Your school or university can use these health forms to collect information about students’ health status and simply document medical services performed at your institution. 

Maintain accurate records, improve your reaction time in the event of an emergency, and provide your personnel with an easy-to-use tool to manage students’ medical information.

Hospital Discharge Forms:

Automate administrative processes so that patients may be discharged quickly and easily. For example, using our hospital discharge forms, you can help your medical personnel be more responsive and eliminate human error. 

Take a template, customize it to your desire, add HIPAA compliance, and share it through the web, messaging applications, or email.

Medical Application Forms:

These medical application forms aid healthcare organizations such as yours to streamline workflows and respond to questions more quickly and efficiently. 

The drag-and-drop functionality, our no-code policy, and interaction with other digital tools are all features you’ll like.

Medical Assessment Forms:

Any healthcare practitioner can use a medical assessment form for routine patient evaluations, such as a nurse, physician, or dentist. 

With a simple and easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, these pre-built templates assist you in doing so in an organized manner. Take a look at your form and personalize it with only a few clicks.

Medical Consent Forms:

If you want to acquire consent from your patients in a more customer-friendly way, our medical consent forms can help you out. 

Choose a template from the intelyForms list and tweak it to meet your specific requirements. Then, with just a few clicks, send it to your clients. There’s no need for coding, and it’s a lot less work!

Medical Insurance Forms:

Are you fed up with excessive paperwork and strewn-across insurance claims? Then, look through these medical insurance forms to get the one you require and regularly take queries. 

Allow file uploads, download submissions, and distribute the form on any platform without knowing how to code.

Medical Questionnaires:

Our medical questionnaire templates may be used for various reasons, like recording your patient’s medical history or conducting a CAHPS survey. 

Healthcare companies use these to streamline processes, save time, and bring themselves into the digital age. Use any pre-built templates to create your forms quickly!

Medical Referral Forms:

Do you want to be able to accept and offer referrals without having to deal with phone calls or paperwork? 

Medical referral forms help maintain a patient’s health status document and may be communicated with clients and healthcare experts swiftly. Get your form from intelyForms builder today and start saving time?

Medical Request Forms:

Receive medical requests from patients or other healthcare organizations more effectively. 

These medical request forms are simple to personalize, and HIPAA compliance adds an added degree of protection. To construct it in only a few steps, use the drag and drop feature: It’s as easy as 1-2-3!

Patient Registration Forms:

By adopting online patient registration forms, you may reduce your patient’s wait time and staff’s effort. In addition, this process is fast and easy with the digitalization of information. 

Pharmacy Forms:

Allow your consumers to order medicines straightforwardly while rapidly capturing and processing their information. 

Our pharmacy from templates let you create PDFs, send prescriptions to patients and other pharmacies over WhatsApp, and keep all of your information safe and secure.

Therapy Forms:

If you’re a physical therapist or chiropractor, intelyForms building therapy forms make it simple to collect patient data so you can deliver the best possible treatment. 

Choose a template, personalize it, add your logo, link it to salesforce or Mailchimp, and send it to your patients.


Medical forms are an essential part of every healthcare and doctor’s office. It saves the details of patients like medical history, tests reports, and personal data. Therefore, every healthcare organization needs a medical form with complete security and privacy. IntelyForms is a no-code, best online form builder that can be embedded and integrated directly into your workflows.

intelyForms helps you to maintain that privacy and security with healthcare. If you want to design a form according to your need? Schedule a demo with our team today!!


Davinci is a research-based contributor for intely, providing content specifically in the Healthcare IT and Digital Health space.

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