Fridge cage barriers: Its Advantages and types

Using Fridge Cage Barriers is a fantastic approach to ensure that there will be enough space to keep a lot of goods in and around your refrigerator slide. These cages prevent anything from sliding from beneath your refrigerator and dropping into the running gear when pulled out—a strong steel fridge cage barrier. Putting everything together requires only four bolts, and you’ll be done. When you have a lot of stuff to stack beside your fridge slide unit, this product is the perfect solution for you to use.


Utilize a Fridge Barrier to make the most of the space available for storage. In addition to providing a place to safely and securely store all the accessories, the Drop Side Slide Fridge Barrier also serves the dual purpose of shielding the refrigerator from any stray equipment. There will no longer be a need to empty the trunk to get to the refrigerator.

It provides protection as well as long-term durability and practicality. Powder coating gives the steel frame a glossy black finish and ensures safety, strength, and longevity. There are side pockets added for convenience. Keep stubbier coolers, mugs, bottle openers, and other small goods frequently used close to one another—specifically engineered to work flawlessly with the Drop Slide and Straight Slide series. It has the smallest footprint feasible, reducing the amount of important storage space required. It fits in nicely with both of these products and is simple to put in Place. The Drop Side Fridge cage Barriers are very simple to put in Place.

Straight Side Fridge Barriers are designed to be compatible with the whole Straight Slides product line. Select the Straight Side Fridge Barrier that corresponds to the model of the refrigerator to achieve a secure fit that requires the bare minimum amount of room in your motor vehicle.


Barrier cage: When securing the refrigerator while it is stored in the vehicle’s canopy, the Fridge Cage is the best solution available. Aluminium of industrial grade 3mm thickness is used in the construction of the unit, which also includes an optional storage shelf that makes it possible to put the space above your refrigerator to use. The Fridge Cage not only protects the refrigerator from dings and scratches that could be caused by other components of your rig sliding around, but it also helps keep your canopy neat.

Jerry cage: This simple jerry can holder, which has only recently been added to the collection of useful accessories, is designed to endure the most rigorous experiences. Because it is made of a 5mm aluminium sheet, it is incredibly sturdy and represents the pinnacle of dependability in terms of storage alternatives for the jerry can.

Canopy: These canopies are a game-changer since they provide unrivalled quality at an affordable price. All must have never had access to the level of versatility. Boxes now provide the Aluminum Canopy product line. When one hits the tracks this year, leave the dead weight behind and create that dream-type touring vehicle they were aching to build instead.

Tilt slider: Remove all the trouble associated with vehicle refrigerators. Nothing is more aggravating than a refrigerator that all cannot see inside of and attempting to guess what it is you are getting out of the fridge. By using a tilt fridge slide that is equipped with gas struts, this annoyance can be alleviated. Not only does it lower the front of the refrigerator by 290 millimetres, but it also supports the weight of the refrigerator safely and securely while it is moving.

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