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Most of the people have the habit of eating fast food. Some people have a habit of hurrying to eat food. But do you know that eating fast food is harmful for health? Yes, people who eat fast food become victims of many diseases. Many types of research have been done on the way of eating food. There has also been research on the habit of eating early.

What does research say 

According to a research conducted in Japan, metabolic syndrome occurs in people who eat food very quickly. Due to metabolic syndrome, the chances of heart disease including obesity, blood sugar, high blood pressure, weight gain, diabetes increase.


what is metabolic syndrome 

Metabolic syndrome is not a disease but it is a sign and root of many diseases. When bad cholesterol becomes more in the body, good cholesterol starts decreasing, blood sugar level starts increasing and blood pressure also starts decreasing. So it is called metabolic syndrome. People suffer from fatty liver, obesity, diabetes and blood pressure disease due to metabolic syndrome. People who are negligent in eating habits and stay away from exercise are more prone to metabolic syndrome.

disadvantages of eating fast 

As you read above that eating food quickly increases the risk of metabolic syndrome. The reason for this is that when you eat quickly, you eat more than you need. Apart from this, by eating too quickly, the brain does not get the necessary message. Due to which the necessary hormones are not released. Due to this the insulin of the person gets affected. The risk of diabetes increases due to the effect of insulin.

Obesity and diabetes risk 

Eating too quickly increases the risk of obesity and diabetes. The main reason for increasing obesity is that you take more calories than you need. Due to consuming more calories, fat increases in the body. People who eat fast, their insulin gets affected. Due to the effect of insulin, the blood sugar level starts increasing. Which later causes the disease of diabetes.

High blood pressure and risk of heart disease 

The diet of a person protects him from many diseases. So the risk of many diseases also increases due to eating too quickly. When a person suffers from metabolic syndrome, then he starts having problems with high blood pressure. The risk of heart disease increases due to the problem of high blood pressure.

How to change the habit of eating fast

The biggest question of those who eat fast food is this. But it is not that it is a very difficult task. You can change your habits. To change the habit of eating quickly, you have to pay attention to your lifestyle.

  • First of all, you should make regular time for eating.
  • Adjust your time according to the number of times you eat in a day.
  • Set aside at least 1 hour for eating.
  • Do not think about any other type of things while eating.
  • Keep a fixed meal time 1 hour before the time of leaving the house.
  • Avoid eating while driving in the car.
  • Do regular exercise for weigh loss.


Try to eat less and notice what you are eating and why you are eating.

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