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How do you care for elderly people with Alzheimer’s at home?

The fading of memory and low cognitive abilities is synonymous with old age. Many senior citizens are forgetful even while doing the simplest tasks, while a few may have sharp memory till the end. However, Alzheimer’s can occur in older people with good memory power. Therefore, it becomes essential for such seniors to avail efficient in-home dementia care. Our home nursing services in Chennai offer dementia care in the comfort of a home with all the necessities.  

Alzheimer’s disease damages the brain cells and cognitive ability of older adults. Some geriatric studies have suggested that this cognitive impairment can be hereditary and passed down from family members with a history of cognitive failures. Older adults with Alzheimer’s lose spatial awareness and become disoriented. Many such patients forget their current environment but recall their past experiences.  

Alzheimer’s is a progressive cognitive impairment that leads to older adults forgetting their identity, family members, and even the ability to do simple tasks like walking or chewing food. It robs the independence of senior citizens and takes a toll on their family members. To reduce the stress on the family, we offer home healthcare services in Chennai.  

Older people in the moderate or severe stage of Alzheimer’s need prioritized care and assistance. They face difficulty in their bowel movements or falling asleep. A sense of restlessness and the urge to wander off on their own is seen in senior patients with Alzheimer’s. Family members cannot be constantly present and take care of the safety and health conditions of their elderly parents with Alzheimer’s.  

We understand the challenges of taking care of senior Alzheimer’s patients. They need to be handled with patience, respect, and compassion. Our in-home dementia care operates in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Mumbai with specialized nurses and caregivers who provide end-to-end care so that the security and health of Alzheimer’s patients are not compromised.  

The nurses providing dementia care at home operate with a flexible schedule and even incorporate leisure care activities to reduce anxiety, restlessness, and stress.  

How do our nurses help elderly patients with Alzheimer’s through in-home dementia care?  

 We are one of the in-home dementia care providers operating in metro cities and tier 1 towns such as Bengaluru, Mumbai, Vizag, and Coimbatore. Our home nursing services in Chennai have experienced nurses and caregivers who specialize in handling elderly Alzheimer’s patients empathetically. Before providing care to the patient, they understand the patient’s condition thoroughly and seek initial assistance from doctors. Cooperation from family members is also helpful. As the elderly care receiver might not be comfortable with a stranger in the home. Once Alzheimer’s patients get familiar with the presence of nurses and caregivers around them, in-home dementia care commences.  

 Here are certain activities executed by our nurses to efficiently look after elderly patients with Alzheimer’s disease:  

 1) Building a routine   

 Elderly patients with Alzheimer’s disease lack focus and often get disoriented. Our nurses or caregivers try to stick to the schedule as much as possible so that the patient does feel confused or lost. Our nurses help establish a sense of familiarity through a carefully curated daily routine. They conduct activities such as bathing or doctor’s appointment early in the day as elderly patients tend to be more agile and refreshed.  

 2) Gradual progression of activities  

 While taking care of elderly Alzheimer’s patients at home, our nurses introduce the activities in the schedule in gradual progression. It is done because the patient needs time to adjust to new people. They are more resistant to sudden changes in their lifestyle than to gradual ones. The nurses are flexible and adaptive to avoid resistance from the elderly patient by listening to them patiently and not enforcing any activities. For instance, if the older adult does not want to take a bath, the caregiver might reduce the frequency of bathing.  

 3) Ensuring safety  

 Besides taking care of the health and hygiene of patients with Alzheimer’s. Our nurses and caregivers also ensure they are safe and secure in their own homes. Elderly patients with Alzheimer’s have low spatial awareness and feel restless. They can wander off or be disoriented while walking, leading to accidents, severe injuries, or being lost on the road.  

Our nurses and caregivers providing in-home dementia care make the home a secure place and monitor the whereabouts of the older adult. They reorganize the house and remove safety hazards so the senior person can move freely, like baby-proofing the home for the elderly.  

4) Helping them in the bathroom  

 As Alzheimer’s disease progresses to a severe stage, bladder control and bowel movement also become problematic. There is incontinence in urination or defecation, which can be tedious to manage. Hence, our nurses and caregivers help to curate a bathroom schedule and monitor it regularly, especially during the night, so that accidents in the toilet can be avoided.  

 5) Taking care of nutrition  

 In-home dementia care includes taking care of the nutritional requirements of the older person with Alzheimer’s. The caregivers assist in preparing nutritious meals that are either semi-solid or easy to chew without difficulty.  

With our home nursing services in Chennai for in-home dementia care, efficient care of Alzheimer’s patients is now possible in an accessible and affordable manner. Contact us to get the best home healthcare services for your loved ones in Chennai.

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