How much do Instagram followers cost in the top 5 services

How much do Instagram followers

Getting a lot of followers on Instagram from scratch is not an easy task for a novice blogger. Only cheat services are capable of solving it in a jiffy. It is here that you can buy Instagram followers in Canada at very low price and get a chance to promote yourself on social networks. Let’s figure out how much Instagram followers cost on cheat platforms, and which service is better to choose.

Average cost per follower on Instagram – what you need to know

Before winding up followers, you should figure out if the game is worth the candle. In general, the price list of promotions on Instagram practically does not differ in different services. You can notice the difference by comparing foreign and local sites. In addition, the type of followers affects the pricing. For example, bots will cost a penny, and live followers will be many times more expensive. Audience reach is also important. If you don’t care where the followers come from, then the price is lower, if geolocation matters – higher.

So, what is the average cost of a follower on Instagram? It is almost impossible to answer this question with an accuracy of tenths because each service forms a price based on the above criteria. In addition, many sites offer discounts for “bulk” purchases, and therefore, by ordering more, you can save a lot.

To promote an account to the top, users of social networks need not one subscriber, but at least 1000. Therefore, one should take into account not the price of one, but hundreds at once, for example. Below we will consider the top cheat services and compare how much Instagram followers cost each of them.

How much do Instagram followers cost in the top 3 cheat services?

Often the price per follower on Instagram is the determining factor when choosing a service. This is not surprising, because novice bloggers do not always have a huge budget for account promotion, so they choose the cheaper option. Others, on the contrary, prefer more expensive services, hoping to get high-quality services. Let’s compare the top promotion services and find out if there is a correlation between price and quality.

Service #1 — SmmStore.Ca

If you are interested in how much it costs to buy followers on Instagram, then here you can buy a hundred followers for less than 28 dollars. A more than favorable price is combined with a good quality of followers, which is confirmed by numerous user reviews. Based on this, you can calculate how much 1 Instagram subscriber costs – only 1.99 dollars, which is more than profitable. In addition, the service provides a 30-day service guarantee, provides 100% confidentiality and security, and also organizes the natural delivery of the order.


  • Secure payment;
  • Without a password and registration;
  • Delivery within a few days, depending on the size of the order;
  • Possibility to choose the quality of followers manually;
  • Accounting for the region and type of profile;
  • Fast and slow followers to choose from.

Service #2 — BuyGreeceFollowers

The service specializes in promotion on Instagram, providing the opportunity to buy likes, followers, views, and comments in any quantity. The cost of followers here starts from $3.79 per hundred. In this case, the cost of a follower on Instagram will not exceed $0.04. Here you can also select the class of followers – regular and premium. The platform provides guarantees for services, support works 24/7, and ensures security when ordering and paying.


  • Quick order using e-mail and username;
  • Account security;
  • Quality followers, regardless of the tariff;
  • Delivery from 1 to 7 days;
  • Warranty 15-30 days;
  • 2 rates to choose from.

Service #3 – SingaporeFollowers

With this multifunctional service, you can order live followers at affordable prices. According to the founders of the platform, the resource does not attract bots and inactive users. The search for followers takes place by geolocation, which allows you to attract the target audience. The principle of the service is mass following and mass liking, and not a direct purchase. For this reason, it is impossible to calculate how much one subscriber costs on this resource. There are additional features, such as delayed posting, automatic unsubscribes, and statistical analysis, which will help you effectively promote your profile on a social network.


  • Wide functionality;
  • Ease of use;
  • The ability to use the service not to cheat, but to find friends in your city.

How much does one Instagram follower cost and how to choose the right service

A review of services showed that the cost of followers on Instagram in 2022 is far from constant. What matters is the type of resource and the quality of the followers. Cheat services allow you to buy the required number of subscriptions without registration and other extra efforts. At the same time, multifunctional services provide an influx of real users through the mass following, but this approach is not suitable for everyone. Freelance exchanges and microtasks require more time, as tasks must be compiled and checked, and no one guarantees replies.

If you want a guaranteed result in the form of an increase in the number of followers on the counter, then choose a cheating service. Here you can see exactly how much one Instagram follower costs and calculate the budget based on the information received.

How to choose the best service for cheating followers?

  1. Guarantees – of confidentiality, security, and quality of services are not guaranteed, then one can hardly hope for an excellent result.
  2. Tariff selection and customization. Only the best services allow you to independently configure such parameters as audience coverage, delivery speed, and profile type.
  3. Adequate prices. Too low a price confirms cheating by bots and is often associated with a lack of guarantees. The high price must be due to premium quality, otherwise, it is irrelevant.
  4. Support service – high-quality service will provide the opportunity for feedback.
  5. Delivery variability. If you get 10,000 followers in a few minutes, then your account will be at risk, and it will definitely be checked for cheating. Choose a service that provides slow delivery of the order, which looks natural and does not attract the attention of Instagram algorithms.

Convenient payment methods and ease of ordering are also welcome, which increase the prestige of the service. Pay attention not only to how much an Instagram subscriber costs in a particular service but also to other quality criteria in order to get the maximum result from cheating.


There are several types of cheat services, and therefore it is quite difficult to determine the average price of a follower on Instagram. Moreover, the tariffs, basically, start from hundreds of followers, and you won’t be able to buy them “by the piece”. Services that balance price and quality are the best choices if you are looking for an inexpensive way to get followers for your account. For example, SmmStore guarantees security and quality assurance, and the prices here are available to everyone.

Cheat is a simple and quick way to increase the prestige of an account in a social network. Combine it with other promotion methods to ensure you reach the top and gain popularity on Instagram.

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