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How to buy the best fruit juicer?

Fruit juicer can be a healthy kitchen investment. But if you want to know how to buy the best fruit juicer for your home, we have curated some tips to help you out.

When it comes to adding healthy food into your diet, fruit and vegetable juices stand foremost. And there can be no more excellent option than home fruit juicers for extracting the tastiest and healthiest juices. A fruit processor bought from a fruit juice exporter would be an efficient and cost-effective option for purchasing the juice.

Juices are better when they are freshly squeezed out rather than store-bought. However, the ready-made juices from the market may have preservatives to extend the shelf life. And these preservative-filled juices may do more harm to your health than bettering it. Therefore, always opt for fruit liquidiser to extract fresh and healthy juices out of fruits and vegetables.

But sometimes, buying a fruit processor is not a straightforward job. You have to consider many things before bringing home your liquidiser. So we have some tips for you to get you started looking for the best fruit juicer.

Tips for choosing the best fruit juicer for your home

Choose the operating mode

Before you start your quest for the best fruit juicer, you have to decide what type of appliance you want. There are a variety of fruit and vegetable processors available in the market. They can be majorly categorised as electronic or hand-operated.

Electronic ones are great for extracting juices faster. But they can be expensive, and not every household can afford the cost of investing and maintenance of such juicers. On the other hand, hand-operated manual appliances are cost-effective and eco-efficient. Still, you may have to put a little effort into extracting the juices. However, juicing a glass or two won’t require much effort.

Assess the capacity

This is the most important consideration you want to make when purchasing a fruit processor. An ideal juicer would be able to accommodate big chunks of fruits and vegetables. So when you go buy a liquidiser, make sure it has a comprehensive and large compartment to put your favourite veggies and fruits in.

Moreover, it should yield a high volume of juice. To check this, inspect the dampness of the pulp it has produced. The drier the pulp comes out, the more effective the processor is. Therefore, slow processing machines like manually operated juicers can squeeze more juice from fruits and vegetables than electronic ones.

Think about Size and Storage

The best fruit juicers come in varying sizes. And this makes you consider their storage as well. A high yielding appliance will have a large body and require more storage space. But when you choose a hand-operated processor, you could be able to save more space on your storage rack.

This type of juicer comes with a vertical design, which takes little surface space. In addition, most manual fruit processors come with a dismantling body. So, this allows you to disassemble the entire equipment and store it in a box, which can be easily stored on your kitchen shelves and cupboards.

Check cleaning process

Cleaning can be an effortful job, and you want your fruit processor to be seamless to clean. Apart from all the spillage that a fruit processor makes, squeezing and extracting the juice out, a fruit juicer can also be messy from the inside. And cleaning the internals of your machine can be a challenging task.

However, this won’t be an effortful job if you choose a manual process which can be disassembled. As we have stated earlier, manual juicers come with a disassembling body. You can deconstruct the parts and wash them separately. What is more, most of these types of fruit processors are dishwasher-friendly.

Consider your budget

You may want to consider your budget when buying the best fruit liquidiser, and for an apparent reason. Fruit processors come at varying prices. They can be as low as $50 or higher than $1,000. So, considering your budget would help you buy the best fruit juicer for your home usage. Sometimes you can find it in trade fair exhibition also.

However, a manual fruit processor would not cost much. So, if you are after this type of machine, you would get in a few bucks. And if you choose to buy it from a wholesale kitchenware exporter, you can save a few more dollars than the retail store.

Decide where to buy

And finally, after assessing various features and characteristics of your ideal fruit processor, you would want to think about the place to buy your kitchen appliance. Opt for online stores to avoid the fuss of physical markets. The eCommerce industry is not unknown to anyone now. And there are many platforms available where you can buy the best fruit juicer.

But if you want to make your purchase a little cost-efficient, we suggest you choose the wholesale kitchenware exporter. Wholesale exporters are the best source for buying fruit processors at the best prices. But you may have to purchase an item in bulk. This would be perfect when multiple households want to buy this kitchen appliance simultaneously.


A fruit juicer is necessary if you want a fresh glass of juice in your breakfast every morning. But buying the best quality fruit processor can be a daunting task. Hence we have given here some tips to bring home the best fruit juicer for your daily nutrient requirement. 

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