How to track supply chain and my container?

Supply chains are becoming increasingly prevalent in businesses worldwide. In simple words, it refers to the network of people, services, technology, and processes involved in selling a specific item to the public. It is a vast and elaborate process involving many parties and many steps like manufacturing, crafting, proper packaging, delivery to the market, and finally selling it to the targeted customers.

In this article, we will be discussing the benefits of the supply chain, why it is important to track it, and the advantages of container tracing.

Importance of supply chain

Every company needs to have a well-thought supply chain process. It lets them perform a thorough examination of the strategic process involved in doing their business. It can also give them a clearer idea of how sustainable their company is and how it might look in the next 10 to 15 years. A functioning supply chain process can also indicate if the existing corporate strategies are in place or whether they need any kind of improvement.

Furthermore, a supply chain can also help in analyzing the extraction and production processes of the company, giving you valuable insights into your competitors, and giving you a leg-up in the business. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the supply chain processes in your company and keep track of them.

Why do I need to trace my supply chain?

Tracing the supply chain of your company is vital to monitor how goods are being transported from the manufacturer or source to the intended customers. It involves keeping track of all the processes involved, from the production stage to the processing, packaging, transporting, and finally, the selling stage.

Tracking the supply chain allows you to exercise much greater control over your company and its progressions and developments to ensure the company’s sustainability in the long run.

It can have several benefits. Some of them are

  1. Enhances the integrity of your company’s supply chain
  2. Tracing the defective products back to their source and finding the culprit
  3. More effectiveness of the company
  4. Decreases the risk of maladaptive products being released into the market, thereby preserving the brand image.

There are many supply chain tracking solutions that you can implement in your company. For example, there is plenty of amazing tracking or navigation software in the market that you can make use of.

Why would you invest in tracking the containers?

Tracing the container can give you valuable information about the whereabouts of your goods, from the manufacturing stage to the selling stage, so you can have better control over their delivery. Some of the reasons you should invest in container tracing are as follows –

  1. Rapid delivery of the goods – time is of the essence in any business. As the owner of a business, you cannot afford to deliver your products later as it might directly affect your business.
  2. Reducing the costs – by accurately tracking your container in both ocean and on land, you can inform your trucks about the possible obstacles that could come in their way and increase the total time. This could lead to increased costs.
  3. Great customer service—with suitable tracking methods, you will be able to convey to the customers the exact day of the arrival of their goods and give them the location of the goods. This could significantly improve your customer service.


As you can see, there are several supply chain tracking solutions like GPS and tracking software that you can use to avail all of their benefits. LDB is one of the leading software in India for easier locating and tracking of the movements of your container and the supply chain. It comes with highly advanced technology that can provide your business with accurate locations of your containers and enhance your supply chain at an affordable rate.

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