Improving ergonomics in the professional office cleaning

Regular cleaning and upkeep of professional premises requires numerous interventions, overloads and repetitive movements that put a lot of strain on the body:

Regular cleaning and upkeep of professional premises requires numerous interventions, overloads and repetitive movements that put a lot of strain on the body: sweeping, vacuuming and washing the floors, cleaning the toilets, wiping the furniture, emptying the bins and taking out the containers. , etc.


It can cause poor body posture that leads to acute or chronic pain (back, shoulders, knees, wrists). The consequences are not necessarily immediate and should not be overlooked. This is the mission of ergonomics at work, which aims to adapt work to people in order to improve their working conditions (*).

We suggest some courses of action to improve ergonomics at work in the professional cleaning sector .

Besides training and raising awareness of safety and health, the wearing of personal protective equipment or safety, the ergonomic approach also covers all technological improvements to facilitate work, increase efficiency, and control the risk of MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders). It is important to pay attention to ergonomic aspects when gaining work tools or new sweeping equipment .

The essential cleaning equipment for professional cleaning 

There are many innovative cleaning solutions and systems, suitable for the different types of premises to be cleaned and the methods to be applied.

The cleaning and washing trolley to have everything at your fingertips

Equipped with multi-directional wheels, household trolleys make it possible to move cleaning equipment simply by pushing it. They optimize movements and limit postural constraints. They comprise quantities of modular accessories to adapt to each cleaning situation.

The backpack vacuum cleaner for perfect autonomy

Equipped with a harness, backpack vacuum cleaners protect the back while cleaning small surfaces, stairs, elevators or spaces …

The professional cleaning machine: for great ills, great remedies

Above all, it is important to make a clear distinction between these major families of cleaning machines:

  • Scrubber the definition

Ride-on or accompanied scrubber, it is available in electric or thermal version, it used the professional scrubber for cleaning floors and in particular for large surfaces. In a single pass, the scrubber-dryer allows wet cleaning of floors by injecting clean water and detergent. The rotating brushes wash the floor and the dirty water is immediately sucked up. 

  • Sweeper the definition.

The sweeper is generally used outdoors. It is used for parking lots, warehouses, and sports halls. Unlike the scrubber, it does not allow chemical cleaning but only mechanical, always using brushes.

  • Mono brush the definition 

The mono brush is also a cleaning machine for mechanized floor washing. There are 3 main families: low speed for stripping, high speed for polishing, and very high speed for polishing floors. Initially designed for large surfaces, mono-brushes now exist in compact two-speed versions that are easy to maneuver. allow you to clean narrow spaces, elevators, etc.

Work tools for mechanized professional cleaning

The Cleaning Kit: a tailor-made solution

System kits for the maintenance of glazing, offices, paintings, showcases, and earthenware. They offer various flexible, light, and multi-directional telescopic equipment (broom handles, suction rods, pliers, etc.) which allow the cleaning of high, low, and difficult-to-access surfaces.

  Microfiber: for dishcloths, rags, and mops

Made from a mixture of very fine synthetic fibers composed of polyester and polyamide, microfiber is a very light wiping fabric that reduces the effort during manual wringing and thus makes cleaning more efficient and less repetitive. It comes in many forms ( microfiber mop, sponge, mop, microfiber mop, etc.).

Glass microfiber cloth

 Mopping fringes to optimize the washing of floors and surfaces

Velcro fringes for dusting and washing floors, walls, and ceilings (parquet floors, tiled floors, tiles, etc.). They avoid having to bend down to change the headband.

The broom for flat washing

Ready to use and equipped with tanks, these broom systems for flat washing avoid having to lift and carry buckets; they are very practical for quick interventions or hard-to-reach places.

New techniques in the cleaning sector

Both ecological, economical, fast, and safe, the pre-impregnation cleaning method offers a high-performance manual floor cleaning solution that reduces physical strain. It consists in impregnating washing headbands with the right quantity of product necessary before the operation.

The organization and environment of professional cleaning

  • Alternate demanding tasks with less demanding tasks to avoid monotonous work that always overloads the same joints.
  • Limit unnecessary travel.
  • Limit the carrying of loads by using appropriate means ( handling trolleys, skateboards, etc.)
  • Consider the distances we want to cover and the constraints (for example, the distance between the storage areas and the areas we want to clean or congest traffic lanes) in the planning of working time.
  • Have a participatory approach to the ergonomic approach by involving users in the search for solutions.
  • Consider environmental conditions such as drafts, cold, lighting, noise, etc.

There is no standard ergonomics and ergonomics must adapt to each work situation to be as close as possible to your constraints and effectively reduce the physical strain of work during professional cleaning operations. To identify the best solution among those proposed by the various manufacturers, be sure to consult the illustrated protocols; request product demonstrations on your premises for large equipment, and set up support or training on the use and maintenance of materials and tools.

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