link Instagram to Facebook: The definitive cross-posting guide for 2022

How to link Instagram to Facebook: The definitive cross-posting guide for 2022

Many social media users and business owners wonder how many people seamlessly make their Instagram publications show up on FB. Cross-linking their accounts is the key to allowing them to write or modify posts. click here to send content to FB simultaneously. Syncing profiles can trigger notifications to friends to notify them that the user is now using IG. Continue reading to learn how to sync IG and FB in 2022.

How to link Instagram to Facebook using a phone

It is easy to learn how to link Facebook and Instagram. They’re good to go as long as they remember their login information.

Open the IG app, click on the profile page, and click the three gear thumbnail lines at the top-right.

From the menu, click “settings,” then “Account”. A dropdown menu will appear, allowing users to choose from various social media sites that they can link to, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr.

To set sharing details, tap “Facebook” once more. The “Share to” pane allows users to choose to publish content to their timeline or a fan page.

Connect to Instagram

While there may be some snags to the process, most people ask how to connect Instagram to Facebook from a computer succeed.

Here are the steps to successfully bind FB and IG using a desktop browser

  • Log on to FB from your home page and go to the Business Menu. Tap the “Settings” button at the top of this page.
  • Click on the IG logo in the left sidebar. Follow the steps to link IG with a FB fan page.
  • These simple steps have helped many marketing campaigns to explode over the past few years.

Syncing Instagram to Facebook

Since 2012 when Facebook purchased Instagram for $1 billion, the two platforms have been integrated and are now inseparable. They were the best marketing tool in 2021. These are the pros and disadvantages of linking Instagram to Facebook.


These are some of the benefits of syncing Facebook to IG:

  1. It requires minimal effort

Connecting Facebook to Instagram is easy and quick. You can reach multiple customers with the same interests with just one click. This allows users to create a dual-hit advertisement stream on both platforms.

  1. It prevents frustration

Every machine is susceptible to malfunctioning, and they can’t surprise us at any moment. Like personal news dissemination apps, a user can be denied access, and the recovery process may be difficult.

  1. Register for a Profile

Both user profiles are protected. This is especially useful if the user uses one app check now for professional networking more than the others. Interested partners can view this information and can indicate their interest in collaboration.

  1. Real-time Synchronization

A Facebook to IG link can be used to coordinate posting. The user can ask the other to post on their behalf.

  1. Allows the user to make the most of social media

Businesses can get double-edged results by linking Instagram and Facebook. Users enjoy both brand exposure and brand exposure.


Here are some cons to synchronizing FB and IG:


  1. Conflicts of interest

Instagram users are more visual-sensitive than FB users. A user may create links to articles or stories to redirect Instagram heads while connecting Facebook to Instagram. This could backfire, as many IG users are more interested in reading than seeing.

  1. Longer Linking Procedure On Mobile

It may be not easy to link Facebook and Instagram on mobile, especially for older users not familiar with mobile tech.

  1. The Generational Divide

According to statistics, people over 35 don’t use FB link-ups with IG. They’re too busy to explore the myriad of social media functions. Cross-linking is a popular feature for those below this age.


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