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Make North Kolkata Your Home with Residential Apartments at Madhyamgram

You can never get enough walking down the streets of North Kolkata. Encapsulated by the quintessential vintage aura of Kolkata, North Kolkata has its charm, thereby, separating itself from rest of the city. Walk down the streets of this region to witness the old structures or Bonidi Bari, the small shops selling fried food or popularly known as ‘telebhaja’ in Bengali, the iconic sweet-shops, the narrow lanes, hand-pulled rickshaw and kids playing cricket or young adults indulging in a game or two of carrom. In fact, it is a treat to witness some aspect of old Kolkata amidst all the modernity surrounding us. It is indeed a place that is strongly rooted in its traditional cultures. Hence, how about investing in a residential project in North Kolkata

North Kolkata will provide you with ample options to choose from when it comes to buying an apartment there. However, as a homebuyer, you must check out Madhyamgram- a thriving place in North Kolkata with best in class commercial facilities and connectivity amidst nature, come home to a lifestyle far from ordinary. 

Madhyamgram- The Perfect Concoction of Vintage & Modernity in One Place

Madhyamgram is a current favourite destination for the real estate developers as the region is shaping up to provide homebuyers with a living experience unlike anywhere else. Also, if you seek to get away from the urban chaos to experience tranquillity in the lap of nature, what can be the better place other than Madhyamgram. Tapping on the best of features, here’s what makes this place in North Kolkata the next big destination for your new home. 

Your New Home with Best of Both Worlds

In today’s world, getting a home defined by nature and contemporary features is a rare thing. However, flats in Madhyamgram will provide you with this feature, thereby carving out the path towards a comfortable lifestyle. Embrace a home built on contemporary ideas without hampering the quintessential dose of nature. With understated elegance and unmatched architectural layout, the apartments here will perfectly suit your urban lifestyle. Most of the apartments here are built with modern technology and are infused with materials which are high on performance. A space made to suit your requirement. 

Your New Home that is Budget-Friendly 

Madhyamgram is the ultimate destination to provide you with budget-friendly apartments. Get access to apartments starting as low as 26.79 with high-end features, thereby making sure not to compromise on quality and comfort. 

Your New Home with Modern Amenities & Facilities

Most of the residential projects in Madhyamgram consists of facilities and amenities for a well-rounded lifestyle. They come with modern clubhouse features along with other unique facilities that will keep you out of boredom. What’s more? These projects have an array of features tapping upon the interest of individuals across all the age groups. 

Your New Home with Locational Advantages 

Travelling from North Kolkata, especially from regions like Madhyamgram, was a task in itself. Due to lack of proper connectivity by road and rail, travelling was never an easy task from here. However, 2020 has a different story for you. Today, Madhyamgram is imbued with different modes of transportation such as buses, cabs, railways and metro links (upcoming). The region is also close to the airport which makes it great for the frequent flyers. 

Is it Worth Buying an Apartment in Madhyamgram? 

With such facilities within a budget-friendly price, can you feel at home any better? With features to give your lifestyle the antidote of happiness, comfort, and convenience, Madhyamgram is the destination for your new address.

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