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Pap Smear Diagnostic Tool for Quality Care

Pap smear test, also known as Pap test or Papanicolaou test, is used to detect cervical cancer and thus saves your life. An OB/GYN performs the test. Pap smear panorama helps to detect any irregular cell activity in the cervical.

A better understanding of Pap smear

Pap smear tests are used to detect cancerous cells. Pap smear tests can catch the cells that are about to cause cancer. They detect those cells at an early stage and help the patient to get timely treatment. HPV (human papillomavirus) test can also be taken during the Pap smear test. HPV increases the risk of cervical cancer.  

If a Pap smear test result is unclear, it can also indicate cervical infection or inflammation. It may also signify some other health problems.

When a woman should take a Pap smear test

Pap smear panorama is suggested for women above the age of 21. After your first test, it is usually suggested by doctors to get this test done after every 3-4 years. After the age of 31, getting cervical cancer gets higher. HPV test and Pap test are taken together for the age of 31 and above. HPV is caused by sexually transmitted diseases, which get worse and cause cervical cancer if not treated in time.

Women above 31, should take this test after every 5 years.

Why it is important


HIV weakens the immune system, affecting cell generation around the cervical wall or in urine. This can cause many infections to attack your reproductive system. It can cause many changes to your body.

Cancer remission

If you have recovered from cervical cancer in the past, it is a chance that it may attack you again. A Pap smear test will ensure the safety of your health and alert if any irregular cells are found in the cervical.

Weaken immune system

A weak immune system can also cause many types of problems. It can also affect your cervical health if you have a weak immune system and fall easily ill. It is suggested that you should take a Pap smear test to ensure that your body is working healthily and there’s nothing wrong going on.  

Performance of test

The test is performed in a private space; it could be a doctor’s office or in his private clinic. The Pap smear test causes no pain and is done in a few minutes. The gynecologist will ask you to remove your bottom and wear a gown to perform the test. The doctor will bend down and put a speculum instrument in the vagina. A speculum instrument is used to hold the walls of the vagina so the doctor can have a look inside. The patient in this step could feel a little pressure.

To collect samples from the vagina mostly, a soft brush is used. The sample is contained in the sample box. This sample is then sent for diagnosis.

Guidelines for Patients

  • If you are on your period, reschedule your appointment.
  • Don’t wash the area
  • Don’t apply any cream there
  • Stop any medication that you are using to treat your cervical infection
  • Refrain from physical intimacy.


The Pap smear panorama is used to detect cancerous and precancerous cells. The Pap smear test is done along with the HPV test; both are used to detect cervical cancer cells. If the test results aren’t clear, they might be indicating other vaginal infections. This blog will help you thoroughly guide the Pap smear test and how it is performed.

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