Payment Card Payment Processing Service Lets You Accept Payments Anytime Anywhere

Payment Card Payment Processing

Behind every business, whether online or offline. There is a payment card payment processing system and payment service provider. They have to ensure that transactions are processed seamlessly to improve customer experience and also business reputation.

During checkout, the whole process of a credit or debit card transaction looks simple and performs in only a few seconds. But it is a lot more than just tapping the card on a POS machine. However, payment processing service includes various steps and also different members such as.

  • Customer/Cardholder
  • Merchant
  • Payment Service Provider
  • Payment Gateway
  • Bank-issued credit/debit card
  • Merchant Account

What do you understand by payment card payment processing services?

Businesses that offer payment options via credit or debit cards to their customers require a payment processing service provider. That will help them to credit the money into their accounts. Because they collaborate between all members involved to make the payment processing efficient and seamless for both the merchants and customers. Payment processing services perform various steps required for authentication to the settlement of a transaction. Moreover, they ensure merchants receive funds in their bank accounts. All transactions that don’t include paper cash. These transactions mainly consist of payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, eWallets, etc.

Payment service providers are companies that act as a mediator between merchants, customers, and financial organizations that process online transactions. So, they are an essential part of the global payment process.

They are members that synchronize online transactions by verifying all information. After the completion of the sale, funds will send to the merchant. As a payment service provider, not only to the merchant. But also to ensure that the issuing bank receives its funds. So, the network payment service providers let them perform the procedure of sending data among all parties.

What is the work process of payment processing?

Payment processing service involves authorization, funding, and settlement of a transaction. When a customer purchases any product. The payment performs with the card at the point of sale (POS). However, the transaction process only takes a few seconds. But the complete process behind the transaction is intricate.

The merchant makes a request to their payment service providers for the authorization of a transaction. Then the payment processor performs some necessary steps.

  • A payment processor forwards the transaction to the card network associated with the issuing bank.
  • The issuing bank either accepts or denies the transaction based on criteria.
  • The issuing bank then provides either an approval or a rejection status in revert to the merchant bank and finally send to the merchant.

After the process of authorization. The process of funding and settlement occurs. This is where the funds are settled in the merchant’s account. The merchants request authorization from the payment processor. And then send the details to the card network. The card network is associated with the issuing bank. So, the issuing banks accept the details of the transactions. And perform the process that involves.

  • The issuing bank charges funds from the cardholders for processing the transaction.
  • The issuing bank then forwards the appropriate funds to the merchant bank subtracting the interchange fee.
  • Then the merchant bank forwards the funds to the merchant account.

How to select the best payment processor?

For businesses that are accepting credit or debit cards. Payment processing services are an essential part for a simple reason. Because they need to receive money. That can not be received in the form of paper cash. When choosing a payment processor. It is necessary to consider some things besides pricing structures.

Certain things can be necessary when opting for a payment processor.

  • Multi-currency acceptance
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Global coverage
  • Fraud risk management features
  • Tools to improve business growth
  • Easy-to-use integration
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Transactions flexibility
  • Chargeback prevention

Along with the points mentioned. Another thing to consider is that all payment processors do not process all types of transactions. Some are experts in online processing and accept cards, not present transactions. And some may have specialization in offline payments. Because the card is not present payment processor is an online payment gateway. And which is similar to the POS.

Types of payments methods used to process payments online

Having an online payment process. You will get the option to accept a wide range of payment methods. The most used payment methods are.

  • Credit/Debit Card Payments. The most commonly used payment method by customers is accepting credit/debit cards. In a card transaction, the cardholder provides the card details. Then these details are forwarded to the payment processor.
  • eWallets. eWallets are another type of frequently used essential payment method. Customers who prefer this mode of payment sign up for an eWallet with their bank account details or debit/credit card information. One of the most prominent eWallets is Apple pay and PayPal which are famous in North America and Europe. However, Alipay and We chat are preferred in Asia.
  • Bank transfers. B2B transactions are mostly preferred by bank transfers. This method of payment provides the customer with complete control over the transaction. As they’ll have to authorize themselves to process the transaction via their online banking.

Final words

Payment service providers assist merchants and customers to carries out smooth transactions. They are the mediators between the customers, merchants, card associations, and the issuing bank. Which makes them an essential part of the financial industry.

Being an experienced partner for your payment processing requirements. Amald assures seamless payment transactions that offer your customers a fast and reliable shopping experience. Talk to our experts today. And know even more about which solution is best suited for your business.

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