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SEO: What is it and how does it work?

What is SEO? Let’s start with a simple question, what is SEO? S.E.O. is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization or optimization for search engines, are all those activities that aim to improve positioning and organic visibility on Google, Bing, and other types of search engines including Youtube, Amazon, etc. . Before proceeding with this topic it is also good to talk about SEM or Search Engine Marketing. that is to say, search engine marketing and this includes SEO, Google Ads, Bing Ads and all those activities that can be carried out for a fee or not.

We can divide the SEO optimization process of a website is in 3 phases:

1. Technical Optimization

In this phase we analyze (or create a site) that is easily scannable and interpretable by search engines. In this phase we analyze the structure of the site, the ease of navigation for Google bots/spiders, and other search engines and solutions are implemented to allow them to better understand our site such as the structured data of Schema.org or AMP to speed up mobile speed.

2. Content and Keyword Research

This is one of the most important phases of SEO optimization. In fact in this phase Keyword Research will be carried out to understand how users search our products, services, and/or information. Then the structure of the website will be created (categories, tags, pages, etc.) and contents (articles) that will help us “respond” to the search intentions of users to help them find the answers they are looking for.

3. SEO Off-Site

This phase, although it is the last, is certainly not the least important. In fact, it could be the key in competitive markets. The SEO OFF-Site, supported by phases 1 and 2, consists in creating content that are referents of the sector, so much so that other websites link them. Receiving links from authoritative sites, citations, etc. is vitally important when determining the success of an SEO Ιατρικό Marketing strategy, for this reason, the link-building activity is very important so much that Google is trying in every way to limit it in how much the search engine itself thrives on links.

I suggest you read this article on how to do link building for more tips. As you can understand SEO, therefore search engine optimization is a complete strategy that includes both technical optimization and a marketing strategy to work. But to start optimizing your website we believe you need to understand (or try to understand) how Google works.


We quickly mentioned the SEM, but we believe that this topic needs a quick study to understand what it is about. A Search Engine Marketing (SEM) strategy encompasses all SEA and SEO activities, namely Search Engine Advertising and Search Engine Optimization.

Obviously, both activities do not have to be carried out at the same time. This will depend on the strategy that the marketers decide to follow. But what is the difference between SEO and SEM? Basically, the SEA is the paid activities that are performed on the search engine (advertising on Google Ads, Google Shopping, etc.) while the SEO is the “non-paid” activities that are done to obtain results and organic visits from the search engine.

Local SEO

When we talk about SEO we must also talk about SEO Local, or positioning on Google’s local SERPs. Basically, they are all those activities that aim to improve the visibility of local searches.

There is really a lot to say on this topic. You have to know that based on your geographical location and based on the search that is typed in, Google could provide different results. How does Google work? In this article we will mainly focus on Google, the main and most used of the search engines. The functioning of Google’s “competitors” is similar, with few differences. Let’s see how Google scans and creates search indexes and decides who deserves the top positions.

The first process of the search engine is crawling, then indexing, and finally positioning. Let’s quickly see what it is! Scanning: in this phase, the search engine spiders scan the pages of the website for content when new pages are found the bot starts to follow the links inside it to continue discovering new content.

We can consider this process infinite because every time you can content it will always find new links, new content to scan, and so on.

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