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We have listened as well as read about many famous Shayari by famous poets or shears. Are you having in-depth knowledge about Shayari? If not, then need not worry. Moreover, let’s take a look to know what was the story behind this peaceful as well as beautiful Shayari.

What is Shayari?

Shayari is also known as Urdu Poetry is a set of Urdu words written beautifully by a poet to express love, grief, anger, or explained through various other forms of the method. Shayariaan can be use in different emotions as well as can share with everyone.

Shayari is just an emotion for all of us as it becomes easy for us to express our whole feelings in a matter of few words as well as it sounds so pleasant, True Love Shayari is basically a very rich tradition of poetry and it consists of many forms.

Who wrote the first Shayari ?

Fakhr Deen Nizami the first person believed to have written Urdu poetry, a poet from Deccan, between 1430 and 1435 wrote a masterpiece.

What are some forms of  Shayari?

Shayari’s can be of many forms as listed below:-

GHAZAL- The collection of more than five sher or couplets is called ghazal, it is a poetic expression used in both love as well as separation.

SHER- The sher consists of two lines also called couplet and each line is called Misra.

HAMD- It is a poem written in praise of ALLAH.

NAZM- It is basic poetry that can be written on any topic or form.

Some of the forms are:-

DIWAN- The bundles of ghazals are called diwan.

KULLIYAT– The set of poems written by one poet.

Who are the famous Shayari?

  • Mir Taqi.
  • Mohammad Ibrahim
  • Allama
  • Josh
  • Hasrat
  • Juan
  • Ali Jafri
  • Mir
  • Mirza
  • Mirza Saud
  • Gulzar

Who is the father of Urdu poetry?

Moreover, Amir Khusro also known as the father of Urdu poetry is a master in Urdu poetry and is a famous Sufi singer with a beautiful as well as he is also scholar, he was born in (1253–1325 AD) and died in Delhi on October 1325 (aged 70–72).

He was also a famous composer, and his playful riddles songs, as well as poetry, have become popular in south Asia and his riddles have been famous in Hindi poetry.

Famous Urdu poet of our time

Rahat Qureshi also known as Rohat Indori born on 1 January 1950 in Indore and died on 11 august 2020 was a famous Bollywood lyricist as well as an Urdu poet who wrote many famous ghazals and was an Urdu professor, His outstanding work as well as the truth told by him by the medium of Shayari will always remain in our heart.

We are grateful to have legends born in our country whose work has outshined our nation, he was and will be the famous poet of our country.


Shayari has become so famous and is used as a way to express emotions, many poetic legends may have gone from this world but their beautiful shayaris are still in our hearts as well as will forever remain, we salute those legends for such a beautiful play of words by them.

Shayari is famous in Pakistan as well as the Deccan part of India, both the countries has a countless number of poet, they are endlessly working for providing a beautiful art of word to whole word as well as we all praise them for their hard work.

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