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Sofa Sleeve In Wood With Cup Holder

Sofa Sleeve In Wood With Cup Holder

Sofa Sleeve In Wood With Cup Holder

Don’t be afraid to use a Kreg jig to make pocket holes, as shown in steps 4 and 7. I determined that these steps are truly optional, as wood glue provides a very strong hold for gently used wooden accessories like this. Just don’t let your kids use it as a step stool all the time, and it should be fine without completing steps 4 and 7.


–clamps (at least 8′′ long)
-a hole saw with the diameter of your choice (based on your most used cup diameter) A drill press will be required for larger hole saws. This arbour came with a 3 7/8′′ hole saw that I used. My hole saw was too large to handle with just a power drill, so I cut the hole with a friend’s drill press. More information can be found in step two.
-tape measurement
–pencil –drill –power drill (You only need this if you’re using pocket screws and/or a hole saw with a diameter of less than 2.5′′.)

Optional tool: –Kreg pocket hole kit – This is an optional tool shown in steps 4 and 7 that will increase the strength and life of your sofa sleeve but is probably unnecessary for a gently used sofa sleeve.

Materials: -a wooden board cut into three equal lengths (see step one for size recommendations).
-a piece of thin plywood—size information can be found in step one. Thin 1/8′′ plywood can be found in the wood section of your local craft store.
–wood glue –wood stain (I mixed Minmax’s Early American stain with Minmax’s gel stain Antique Maple).
–150 grit or 180 grit sandpaper
–steel wool of grade 0000 –polyurethane

Optional Materials: –veneer tape—if you are not using high quality hard wood such as maple, oak, or poplar, this is an optional way to finish ugly cut edges of your lumber. Softer wood, such as pine, will absorb more stain on the cut edges, darkening them. To avoid this, you can iron on veneer tape before staining.
–1.25′′ Kreg screws—you will only need these optional screws if you plan to use pocket hole screws for additional support in steps 4 and 7. Otherwise, wood glue will do.

Step 1:

Determine the size of wood you’ll need by measuring the arm of your sofa or chair. You must know the width of your arm as well as your height. If you don’t have the tools to cut the wood at home, use the following formulas to determine how many pieces of wood you’ll need cut for you at the lumber yard. The following formulas assume that the boards you use are 3/4′′ thick, which is the standard thickness for 1x boards such as 16, 18, or 19.

Top piece of wood: 14′′ / width: width of arm + 1.5′′ Side pieces of wood: 14′′ / width: height of arm from cushion—round down to the nearest board width.
1/8′′ plywood piece—length: arm width / width: arm width (This is the section that goes beneath the cup hole.)

My Ikea Karlstad sofa measurements: I used three 14′′ lengths of 18 board and simply trimmed the width of one length to 6.25′′, which is the width I needed for the top piece of my sofa sleeve.

Step 2:

Position the hole saw on one end of the top piece of wood. Mark the center of the hole where the pilot drill of your hole saw will start the hole. It is important to note that if you use a large hole saw, as I did, you will most likely be unable to control the drill with your arms, no matter how strong they are. It will skip around and ruin your wood’s finish. I was required to bring my piece of wood to a friend’s house to clamp it in place while a drill press cut the hole.

If you don’t have a drill press but need to make a hole larger than 2.5′′, skip the hole saw and cut the circle with a jigsaw instead.

Step 3:

Sand the inside of the hole as well as the top and bottom of the wood, taking care not to sand the edges and corners. If you round the corners of the board after sanding the edges, the boards will not be flush when assembled in step 5.

Step 4:

This is an optional step. Clamp your Kreg jig as shown above to drill pocket holes on one end of each side board. Only the pocket holes on the inside of the sofa sleeve will be visible. Using pocket screws to join each board together will provide a very secure connection, but it is probably not necessary for the end use of the sofa sleeve.

Before completing pocket hole placement on your finished boards, it is always a good idea to practice on scrap wood.

Step 5:

Spread a thin layer of wood glue along one long edge of your sideboard (the side closest to your pocket holes if you chose to use them). Smoothing it with your fingers can be beneficial; simply keep a damp cloth nearby to wipe your fingers.

Step 6:

Clamp the glued side board to the bottom of the top board in step six (making sure your pocket holes are facing the inside if you chose to make pocket holes). Check that the boards are perfectly lined up on the ends and flush at the corners before tightening the clamps completely.

Step 7:

This is an optional step. If you’ve decided to use pocket screws, now’s the time to screw them in. If your wood pieces start to pull away from each other, wait until the wood glue has completely dried before drilling in the screws (follow instructions on glue bottle).

Step 8:

After both side pieces have been glued and clamped into place, give the hole piece a really good sanding. I used 150 grit sandpaper for this, but if your wood is really soft (like pine), you might want to finish up with something closer to 200 grit to avoid any scratch marks that would be highlighted when the stain is applied.

Step 9:

Apply a coat of wood stain and let it dry for at least 12 hours before lightly buffing away the roughness with 0000 steel wool. This will remove the small hairs that appear as a result of the stain’s moisture soaking into the wood. If you notice the stain has lightened in some areas after buffing, you may need to apply a light second coat of stain.

Step 10:

Using wood glue, adhere your square piece of thin plywood to the bottom side of the hole. Apply only a thin layer of glue because the glue will ooze out as you clamp it in place. After clamping the plywood in place, you must immediately wipe away any excess glue, or the dried glue will be visible on the finished product.

Step 11:

Apply two light coats of polyurethane to the sleeve. This will shield it from the moisture emitted by cup condensation.

The finished product is sleek and clean, and it adds to the beauty of the sofa rather than detracting from the overall style of the room. So far, we’ve had a great time with it! It’s ideal for storing wine and cheese, as well as a bowl of chips.

It goes great with our state pride mug!

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