The 10 Most Popular T-shirt Trends In 2022

Whether you’re planning to start selling custom t-shirts or looking for ways to scale your existing print-on-demand business, it’s important to stay ahead of current t-shirt design trends.

To help you with that, we’ve rounded up the most popular t-shirt designs for 2022. So explore our 10 new t-shirt design trends below to find your next t-shirt look.

Repeated Words

Sometimes you have to repeat something to get the message across. With this trend, you not only set accents but also create a well-designed t-shirt. If you are not a very experienced designer but are looking for some creative ideas for your t-shirt collection, this design is for you. Where to buy it? Today, various brands, such as Port Authority Clothing, can provide the finest customized t-shirts.

Bold Statements

This t-shirt design trend was born out of the need to represent something important without having to say a word. We live in an era where the limitation of personal contact has become a new reality.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a say because we do. And we must say it loud and clear, especially when you are defending a cause, a political campaign, or a social movement.

Arched and Flipped Text

While most designers favored organic sweeping shapes in previous years, it was certainly a year of sophisticated curves. Applying this trend makes it easy to turn an ordinary t-shirt into an extraordinary one.


Raise your hand if you’ve felt blue at least once. This color looks like brighter times are awaiting us with a much more exciting color of the year: Illuminator (Yellow)!


Another retro-inspired t-shirt design returns with vigor and pride. Complicated batik patterns have a refreshing effect on unusual colors. Moreover, experimental digital tie-dye patterns are emerging as a new method of creating visual textures.

Floral Design

Floral t-shirt designs sound like a “breakthrough” fashion trend. The idea of ​​imitating nature, using softer, natural earth tones, flowing lines, and gradients fits perfectly with the general trend towards delicate and somewhat feminine designs.

Spiritual Aesthetics

A well-documented side effect of the current pandemic is the longing for nature. Nature, environment, and spirituality are now trending themes whose influence on designs can be seen everywhere.

In this way, this is a superb custom t-shirt for someone who loves nature.

Anime t-shirts

Anime t-shirts are expected to remain a strong contender in print-on-demand t-shirt design trends. Japanese t-shirt design often overlaps but differs from anime in that it evokes a woodcut aesthetic of classic Japan rather than modern characters. However, they are related enough to be put together.

Anyways, it is an excellent custom t-shirt for anime lovers.

Gaming Style t-shirt

With more years added to gaming history, it’s no wonder retro gaming t-shirt designs are a trend that’s not going away anytime soon. Not only are retro games great, but the nostalgia factor plays a huge part when it comes to the shopping experience. It’s worth noting that “retro gaming” is also a design style in its own right, even if it’s not about gaming.

This style is likely to grow in popularity in the years to come, so keep an eye out for it.

Pixel Art t-shirt

Like retro games, pixel art is another winner in the gaming community as it evokes strong nostalgic feelings and looks cool. The design combined with the right message or concept can go a long way. Creating pixel art designs isn’t easy either, but if you have a compelling idea, don’t be afraid to invest a little in pixel art designers or even pixel art.




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