The attractiveness of teacher community seminar

ICT CONNECT will hold a seminar “Connect with SNS. Attractiveness of the Teacher Community” online on March 5, 2022. To support the solution of various problems of Network+ Certification training in the educational field toward the realization of the GIGA school concept. Application is until March 4th. Participation is free.

ICT CONNECT 21 is an organization that promotes the distribution, use, and utilization of teaching material contents and educational Network+ Certification training. Until now, we have provided an open space where various stakeholders such as ministries, boards of education, companies, and organizations that want to improve education by utilizing information and communication technology can gather.

In this seminar, participants will hold an exchange meeting on the attractiveness of the SNS community, and Professor Isao Shibata, the director of Kanagawa Prefectural Kawasaki Kita High School, and Professor Asaka Sekiguchi of Saitama Prefectural Special Needs School Saitama Sakura High School will be the teacher SNS community. Introducing the activities of. The exchange meeting will be conducted by Mr. Takei of Microsoft Japan, and the overall progress will be conducted by Mr. Hiroshi Oda of Fujitsu Japan.

Educational computerization promotion forum

The Japan Educational Informatization Promotion Association (JAPET & CEC) has started recruiting online viewing participants for the “2021 Educational Informatization Promotion Forum” to be held for two days on March 11th and 12th, 2022. Participation is free. The registration period is until March 12th. Accept using the registration form on the website.

The “2021 Educational Informatization Promotion Forum”. And was originally planning to be hold at the National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, but it has been change to online due to the rapid spread of the new coronavirus infection. We start recruiting viewing participants on February 25th.

The program was reorganize due to the change to online holding. But with the cooperation of the speakers, it was decide that many programs will be implemente. So that online almost as plan except for some programs. In addition, since each program can be view from anywhere. In the country because it is hold online, we hope that more educators will participate.

Applications are accept on the participant registration form on the special forum site. The schedule of the program Cyber Security Analyst Training will be post on the special site, and you can watch the program on the day from the special site.

Class closures increase in Corona

Looking back on trends in the education industry from articles and press releases published last week (February 21st to February 25th, 2022). There was news that grades and class closures were on the rise, and Mishima City’s efforts to improve school affairs were introducing. In addition, we will introduce eight events that will be hold after March 7th.

Introduces the procedure for updating the terminal

There are three types of briefing materials entitled “For a smooth yearly update”: Apple, Google, and Microsoft. It introduces the procedure for updating the terminal year on. The premise of graduation/admission of children and students, transfer of faculty and staff, etc. For each OS company.

Of these, Apple’s materials explain data deletion/resetting of iPad and iCloud. So data delivery of learning deliverables, deletion of user accounts, and new creation. Google’s material summarizes the work of handing over the Chromebook to new users. And Microsoft’s material summarizes how to migrate data. In addition, the URL, QR code, and contact information for materials. So relate to annual updates are also post for each OS company.

The outline material of each OS regarding the annual update is available in PDF format from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology website.

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