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The Best Innovative Remote Team-Building Activities For 2022

Keeping your remote employees together as a team can be challenging now. The all-important elements of good communication, joint goals, support, and of course, fun, can get lost, when you are not together in person. You need to make sure you keep them alive remotely with these team-building activities.

The Managers and HRs of remote teams need to be constantly finding new ways to connect and engage remote employees. It includes maintaining and building strong relationships within the team, no matter where they are. 

But don’t worry! There are many team-building activities that you can undertake remotely, whether you’re a new remote team or have been doing it for years but need a refresher. In this article, we will discuss some remote team-building activities. So, let’s get started.  

This article includes:

  • Team-building activities for remote employees
  • Online team-building activities
  • Remote team-building activities

Here are some remote team-building activities to engage employees

Create a virtual break room

The simple chats that happen on the office floor are one of the most significant differences between remote and in-house teams. These occur so frequently in the office that you might not notice them – but they’re important team-building tools.

Fortunately, you can do this remotely, and there are a few choices to help you do so. Team building in a virtual break room is one of them. This would be a place where your team members could log in and join during their lunch or tea break, allowing them to catch up just like they would at work.

 Virtual workout sessions

It’s time to include”exercise” in the team-building exercises.  When people work from home, they typically take fewer steps or workouts than if they worked in an office. There’s no gym on the route from your bedroom to your home office or kitchen, and no ride to work on a bicycle.

Individually, staying healthy and moving enough is critical for team members. Virtual workouts, on the other hand, can be a terrific team-building activity when done together. It could be free, with individuals simply selecting their favorite instructor on YouTube and working out together for an hour. For those that need a little more motivation, this method of working out also helps to hold each other accountable.

Enjoy virtual lunch and dinner 

What could be more enjoyable than finally getting to know your coworkers over a delicious lunch or a special dinner? While doing something from afar is difficult, you may still enjoy all of the enjoyable aspects of it. All it needs is a bit more imagination.

Surprise your staff now and again with a food delivery that is a little different from what they normally purchase or prepare. You can host virtual dinners or simply allow everyone to enjoy it with their own families. In either case, it provides your team with something to talk about later.

Play online games

Numerous online games may be played with others. This can be done during business hours with a simple icebreaker game during conference calls. You could even create team-building activities that can be played over a longer period and establish a scoreboard in Slack.

The advantage of virtual games is that you have far more options than you would with in-person games. You might play the virtual equivalents of classic board games, but there’s a lot more to discover.


We hope these remote team-building activities ideas inspire you! When you set aside some time for targeted virtual team building and incorporate exercises like these into your weekly routine, you’ll notice your team getting stronger and better every day.

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