The Dangers of Driving on Bald Tires 2022

Driving on Bald Tires

It is true that there are drivers who may not be aware of the condition of their tires and the risks they pose or simply don’t know what warning signs to look for. We will look into the consequences of driving with worn-out tires, and also how you can avoid make this fatal mistake.

Why do people drive on tires with bald treads?

For certain people, regularly checking their tires might not be a priority for the entire day. Particularly when they’re not having any other visible problems with their vehicle, resulting in the issue to be completely overlooke.

We suggest that motorists check the strain of their tires and measure the depth every month for a minimum of one time This way you are more aware of problems when they occur.

Instructions to Check Your Tread Depth

Our tire track slowly elastic becomes damaged after a period of usage. Sometimes, this is completely evident. In other instances, you could be unsure. If left for long enough, track’s thickness can fall to illegal levels, which are any distance below 1.6mm.

The best way of to ensure that your track is in an acceptable depth is to get 20 pence pieces and locate it within the track grooves that extend upwards on the tire.

If the coin’s band is completely hidden during its inclusion the moment it’s hidden, it’s legitimate. If any bands are expose you are at a point where your tires are in violation. Repeat the test with several times around the tire to get an accurate picture of the scenario.

If you believe your tires are in the wrong place the maximum extent possible it is recommend to have them replace as soon as possible or else you could face the associate results.

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Consequences and Risks of Driving on Bald Tires


If you’re caught driving a vehicle that has uneven tires or an illicit track depth, you could face a penalty of upwards of PS2500 and 3 focuses upon your licence. Also, this applies per tire. This means that, if each of the four tires isn’t doing well, it could be a cost of up to PS10,000 and 12 points for your license.

Greater chance of victory

This track’s elastic is meant to protect your tire from the elements and about that could trigger the tire to be cut. Once the protective layer is remove the tire is at a higher risk of burning out the track get service, possibly leading to loss of control over your vehicle and impact , posing the risk not just to you and your passengers but also to other pedestrians.


Famous for its turbulent climate, UK streets can turn into a puddle of water and occasionally overwhelmed. One of the reasons for the tire track grooves is to release rainwater away of the tires.

it helps keep up with footholds in the streets. When tires are bald and lose their capacity, that could lead to hydroplaning of the vehicle, which brings the vehicle to a standstill and loss of control over the vehicle.

Risky when it is cold and snowy

Like over, the primary function of tire tracks is to improve security by providing hold. By using unbalanced tires on cold, cold roads can be dangerous.

affects the efficiency of the brakes

Your brakes and your tires must be in sync with each other. Most importantly, you need to slow a vehicle down or take it to a gentle stop. When you slow down, you could notice the distance you stop at increases due to flat tires. This is especially dangerous in situations where you need to speed up your pace. Additionally, you could opt for Michelin Tyres Kenya for better tyres.

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