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The Story Behind Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh, also pronounced as Roughan Ghoste, is among the most celebrated Kashmiri cuisines. It is an integral part of Kashmiri Wazwan – a 36-course ceremonial, traditional feast that is prepared to mark Kashmiri festivities. 

Kashmiris have a unique fondness for mutton, chicken, and their chutneys. This is the reason you would find their Wazwan to have the majority of sumptuous non-vegetarian dishes like Rogan Josh, Rista Curry, Lahabi Kabab, and more. While the vegetarian ones can be counted easily on one’s fingertips. Though preparing Kashmiri cuisines requires one to follow elaborate recipes, these dish preparations have been made easy by ready to cook curry pastes

Rogan Josh is an authentic Indian lamb curry that stirs people’s appetite with its succulent chunks of tender meat. It is seasoned with aromatic whole and powdered spices and lathered with thick, luscious red gravy.

Rogan means ‘oil’ in Persian and Josh translates to ‘intense heat’. These are the two elements utilized profusely in the preparation of this delicious dish.

Thus, Rogan Josh becomes an absolutely delicious dish, consisting of lamb or mutton pieces with flavorsome gravy of garlic, ginger. It is cooked in dum-pukht style under extreme heat with aromatic spices such as clove, bay leaves, cardamom, and cinnamon.

Historically Interesting Story of Rogan Josh 

The fascinating tale of how Rogan Josh rose to fame and became a widely relished Kashmiri cuisine is quite delightful. Many consider Rogan Josh to be a Mughalai dish which seems to be true as Rogan Josh occupies a permanent place in the Mughal menu. Rogan Josh actually originates from Kashmir and went on to become a popular dish in the mainland during the Mughal era.

The Mughals used to pay frequent visits to Kashmir to get some respite from scorching summer heat experienced by the Indian plains.

It was on Mughal king Jahangir’s visit to Kashmir that Rogan Josh came to his notice and became his highness’s favorite.

Out of the whole Kashmiri Wazwan, he found Rogan Josh so incredibly remarkable that he ordered it to be included in the Royal menu and that is how Mughals inherited Rogan Josh from Kashmir. 

Inching more toward the Persian periphery and having hardly any similarities with mainland Indian cuisines, the preparation of Rogan Josh follows a delicate process to imbue a spellbinding taste in the dish with the utilization of a wide assortment of aromatic and flavourful spices. 

If you want to warm your dinner table with this hearty, meaty curry and taste the authentic flavor of this delicacy straight from the Kashmiri kitchens, prepare it using CURRYiT Kashmiri Rogan Josh Curry Paste (ready to cook gravy). Here are the steps to easy preparation of Rogan Josh using CURRYiT Masala.

  • Saute 800g-1kg of mutton with two tbsp of oil/ghee for 8 minutes in a pressure cooker.
  • Add CURRYiT Rogan Josh Masala with 330ml of water to it. 
  • Cook for 8 to 9 whistles and release pressure. 

Relish delicious Rogan Josh dish with hot Khameeri roti, naan or Basmati rice prepared quickly in just 30 minutes. 

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