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Threshold Ramp: A Guide

What are threshold ramps?

Ramps are very needed pieces of equipment that we see in almost every public place such as hospitals, parks, offices, residential buildings, etc. 

People who face mobility issues can access the ramp and move here and there easily. 

Although disabled people need the help of an assistant to help them in moving around, carrying them through a staircase is a difficult thing to do.

It is not feasible and possible for one person to lift a wheelchair in which the person is sitting and help that person climb a floor, thus ramps are used as a solution to such problems. 

In this article, we will discuss wheelchair threshold ramps.


As the name suggests, these ramps are meant to be used around the threshold area that has some elevation on the entry step.

Threshold ramps are very effective in making a person move inside and outside a doorway.

These are particularly helpful when the area around the entry point of a place is raised a bit.

These ramps are mostly used by people who move around with the help of walkers, scooters, or wheelchairs.


Measurements Of The Doorway:

The first and foremost thing to getting a wheelchair threshold ramp is the measurements of the doorway.

As mentioned earlier, these ramps are used to access the slightly raised portion of the entry of a door, the correct length, width, and height of the accessible doorway play an important role.

To get a ramp customized, one needs to give the right measurements of the ramp so that it can fit into the desired area properly.

It is very important to be accurate with the inches of measuring the area of the walking surface to get a hang of a good and effective ramp installation for the threshold of the doorway.

Looking For The Right Type Of Material:

Another thing to consider before getting a wheelchair threshold ramp installed is looking for the right type of material.

There is a wide variety of materials that one can find in threshold ramps: it could be a simple wooden ramp that is as sturdy as it can be and bear the huge weight that is exerted over it while there are aluminum ramps.

There are rubber ramps as well, rubber is very efficient in bearing a large amount of weight and is soft in making the tires of the wheelchair move.

However, aluminum ramps seem to be a little more secure and safe in terms of carrying weight. They are also more long-lasting than any other option available in the market.

Choosing The Right Wheelchair Threshold Ramp:

Once we have looked for all the alternatives available before us for getting a wheelchair threshold ramp installed, we further choose the best one.

There are certain features that one should look for in the right choice of the ramp, they are:

  • The amount of weight that the ramp can carry.
  • The resistance of the ramp when exposed to different weather conditions.
  • How permanent or temporary is the installation of the ramp?
  • The affordability of the ramp, whether it suits my budget or not.
  • Need of a person to assist while moving around – how secure does it make you feel.

Budget Consideration Before Buying A Threshold Ramp:

One has to consider one’s requirement of the ramp very effectively. 

Investing in the installation of expensive permanent wheelchair threshold ramps when the need for them is not so dire and serious is a waste of money.

Thus, one should consider the need for the purchase and look for viable options that cater to it.

Operating within the budget and then making a purchase is very important to ensure the right use of the equipment and the value for money.

Choice Between Permanent Or Temporary Ramp:

This is also a choice to make whether the installation of the wheelchair threshold ramp should be permanent or temporary.

In public places, often this choice is very clear, a permanent threshold ramp is installed for the accessibility of all kinds of people, while at the same time ramps for domestic use may vary in making this choice.

Disability and mobility issues in people might be temporary which after treatment can be done away with.

Thus, according to one’s own need, one can choose between the permanence or temporariness of the ramps, both having their benefits and scopes of use.

The choice between both options will also help them in deriving value for every ounce of money they spend.

So, in the above points, we discussed everything about threshold ramps. 

The use of ramps is a blessing for people who face mobility issues, thanks to the invention of such a technique and equipment which makes access to various places easily.

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