What Takes Place When You Vape Too Much? Disposable vape UK

That allows the vapes to provide differentiable outcomes, specifically mentioning the Disposable vape uk produces vapour rather than typical smoke which is generated by cigarettes.

Vapes are introduced as the best alternative to smoking. Since the vapes work differently than traditional cigarettes, they contain some other elements that are not present in cigarettes. That allows the vapes to provide differentiable outcomes, specifically mentioning the Disposable vape UK produces vapour rather than typical smoke which is generated by cigarettes.

Although vapes are much safer than cigarettes, these also could be dangerous for you. Regardless of the type of vapes, disposable vapes like Elf bar flavours or reusable vapes could be detrimental to health. The elements that could be adversely injurious if you vape excessively, include most prominently nicotine and high-intensity vapour.

Before looking into the disadvantages of excessive vaping, it is important to know what and how “too much” defines? To be more clear how much is “too much”.

How much is “too much” vaping?

If you’ve recently switched from smoking to vaping then it is explicitly clear that you need to have an equal amount of vapes (including disposable vapes like 600 puff vape as well as re-usable vapes) as a replacement for cigarettes. How much is that? This is the most suitable question to ask yourself at this point, which will be also answered in this blog.

The Measure of Cigarettes vs Vapes:

Considering the quantity of a cigarette is measured by the number of puffs. Usually, an average cigarette pack provides 400 puffs which contain 20 cigarettes. Simply considering that 400 in total and dividing that by 20 items makes it 20 puffs each cigarette. However this is an estimated figure, the total number of puffs solely depends on the smoker that how it takes the puffs.

As vaping includes other elements too, rather than just the amount of substance it contains like cigarettes. The things in a vape that matter the most while measuring its quantity of consumption are, e-liquid, battery capacity, and the number of puffs it provides.  However, most consumers estimate how long a vape lasts by the number of puffs it provides. An average disposable vape from a fine brand provides around 200 to 300 puffs.

The TPD Rule for Vaping Defines the “Too Much” Consumption:

Despite this, it is more significant to know that the measure of e-liquid it comes with decides its fate that how long its life will be. Notably, according to the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD), the maximum capacity for a “disposable electronic cigarette, a single-use cartridge, or a tank” should not exceed 2 mL.

Results of Vaping Excessively:

If you were an ex-smoker and recently turned to vaping, it’s very likely that you need to have the same amount of nicotine that you were consuming through cigarettes. For an instance, if you’re used to smoking ten cigarettes daily, you’re most probably taking a whole vape in a day.

Taking more than that? Now, what happens? Obviously, intaking more nic-salt than your body is used to will make your health worse. It will have serious effects on your health! Before looking into the damages it will do to you, let’s how.

Taking More Nicotine than Your Body Requires:

Keeping the rule of vaping mentioned above, vaping more than 2mL can be considered too much. As 2mL of e-juice contains 20mg of nic-salt, so if one exceeds the amount of e-liquid, it clearly means it is increasing nicotine content in its vape.

However, the level of nicotine your body required as an ex-smoker depends upon how much you were used to intaking. Straightforwardly, the reason for too much vaping is because of the intake of more nicotine than you required as a past smoker, which will be very toxic for your health.

Damaging Effects of Excessive Smoking:

There are many side effects of vaping and the effect becomes more intense if you’re vaping excessively. The most common side effects of vaping include:

  1.     Coughing
  2.     Dry Mouth and Throat
  3.     Shortness of Breath
  4.     Mouth and Throat Irritation
  5.     Headaches.


Although vaping is a simple and delightful experience, If you vape too much, it will be harmful to your health. In order to understand better what damages it will have first, it’s important to know what determines “how much”?

Simply, If you keep vaping longer than it’s fine for your body as an ex-smoker, it will surely have adverse effects. Notably, the factors of excessively vaping apply to both types of vapes, Disposable vape UK as well as reusable vapes. All major factors are aforementioned, including the side effects of excessive vaping, that you must know in order to keep your health safe.

If you are an ex-smoker and looking for an easy vape device that helps you weave off your smoking, choose a disposable vape device. (The e-juices in disposable vapes contain PG in a high ratio)

On the other hand, Vegetable glycerine is a thick and dense liquid used as a food solvent in many products. Since VG has a high viscosity, it helps vapers produce big vapours clouds. E-juices in DTL devices contain VG in a high ratio.

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