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Why Is There Discolored Semen Sometimes?

Firstly, we will discuss what semen is. What is it made of? And why does its texture vary?

Semen is a white thick fluid that is of a whitish-grey colour that comes out when males ejaculate. Its texture seems to be just like jelly. Normal healthy semen depends on many factors such as your overall health, the way you live your lifestyle and probably your genes too. Many male infertility doctors in India help in curing infertility problems, but it’s necessary to follow the directions given by the doctor, honestly.

Semen is made up of many essential nutrients necessary for our body to develop too. The jelly-like fluid consists of glucose, lactic acid, citrate, calcium, magnesium, mucus, plasma, water, enzymes, proteins and many more. In all of these, the main energy that comes into semen is fructose which acts as sugar in semen.

The texture of semen varies for every individual. All these nutrients give a texture to semen and accordingly, the colour and smell vary. It depends on the food you intake. If you have a habit of indulging yourself in drugs and alcohol regularly, then there might be a pungent smell of semen and also its texture will be sticky enough.

Why Is the Semen Sometimes Discolored? Is This an Issue?

It is not necessary to have perfect semen every time you ejaculate. There happens to be a temporary change in semen colour sometimes and this is not the cause of concern until and unless you feel other symptoms as well. Semen colour varies from white to brown, green and sometimes yellow even.

If you are having whitish grey colour semen then it means that you are following a healthy diet and is never a cause of concern. When males ejaculate, the sperm sometimes is transparent and watery and when it leaves the penis and comes in contact with air, it thickens. Many of them have a habit of ejaculating more often. Now, this is a matter of worry. It affects the body if frequent ejaculation is done. Also, the semen count might decrease later.

Sometimes you will find out that the semen is having a bit of redness. It might be because of the inflammation of the glands through which semen is produced. This is not necessarily harmful. This happens mostly at a young age as it is new for them and the glands might swell.

Sometimes you will notice visible yellow or green colour semen. This happens because of any disease you are going through. It might be suffering from jaundice, diarrhoea, or any disease which requires a high dosage of medication to cure. So, the presence of high-power vitamins, makes the semen discolour.

Why Do We Find a Change in the Texture of Semen?

Semen is generally a transparent liquid just like water when released. But if you find out that it is thick, it might be because your body is not hydrated. If a body doesn’t get enough water, the pH level disbalances and hence causes dehydration. It is also necessary to have a balance of hormones. If a body has a hormonal imbalance, its body works differently. Sperm will be released but might not have a proper shape which will not be able to fertilize an egg.


Some men have a low sperm count, but this doesn’t mean that they will not be able to fertilize eggs. But if you are having a low sperm count, there might be an issue with your lifestyle.

Your body might be suffering from an infection and this causes an imbalance in hormones. It might take time to cure, but Treating infection will automatically treat the problem of low sperm count. By improving your lifestyle, this issue of discolouration can be cured too. By not indulging in smoking and drugs, your lifestyle can be improved by 50%. Even after all these things, a male fertility clinic in India helps in curing infertility problems.

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