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5 Daily Activities That Could Ruin Your Precious Jewellery

Have you always wondered how your precious jewellery worth thousands of dollars has started to look older than it should when they aren’t supposed to change in appearance, even a little bit? Sometimes, the things you do every day, or frequently, can ruin your rings, earrings, and chains, a little at a time.

House Chores

When you engage in house chores, you are also being exposed to all kinds of different chemicals, and so is the ring on your finger. Whether you are doing the laundry or giving the floors a quick mop, you are likely to use detergents and cleaners that may not be the safest. In other words, these products may contain chemicals that are not just harmful to you but can react with any jewellery you are wearing, rings in particular, and cause it to get damaged.

House chores are something that would never end, not in a lifetime, or so it could feel! This only means your jewellery is getting exposed to such substances more times than you know. Consider taking off your ring before you start on your chores, or just don’t wear any at all!


If you thought your gardening gloves gave your hands and your rings all the protection you need, you might be wrong. When involved in gardening, you are likely to use various types of tools that you will need to have a tight grip on when being used.

This kind of activity can put too much force and pressure on your ring, causing it to lose its shape, and perhaps, the shiny, polished appearance on its surface. Also, if your ring has gems on it, they may even come off and get lost in the soil or amidst the trees!

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Gyming with Jewellery

The gym is one place you simply should not be wearing your rings to. Unlike in the garden, this is where you’d be gripping and grasping a lot harder, and so, it is just not the place! You may think your rings to be safer when on your finger, than when left at home.

This might be true if you left it on a dresser, but not when you place them safely in a jewellery box. Lookup a leather jewellery box Australia to find one that is just right for you, so you can leave your precious pieces safely in it and not wear them to the gym, of all places!

In the Shower and Pool

There is more than one thing that could happen to your jewellery if you have them on while in the shower or at the pool. Body lotions and shampoos are mostly chemical-based and can react with precious metals to cause tarnishing, discolouration and dullness.

In addition, water can contain salts and chemical compounds, too, that could have similar, negative effects on precious jewellery. Pool water in particular often contains chlorine and other purifying agents that can all have damaging effects on the jewellery. These effects may not become visible instantly but happen gradually with frequent exposure.

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