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6 Best Markets From Where You Could Satisfy The Craving For Shopping

6 Best Markets From Where You Could Satisfy The Craving For Shopping

During the covid 19 situation in Delhi and the other countries of the world, there were around a billion shoppers online. On the other hand, if you are a citizen of India and have never visited Delhi then this is the time to visit if you have cravings for shopping. Whether it’s a girl or boy, everyone wants to buy the stuff at a lower price no matter how much money they own. But if you have ever visited the place then finding the places where shops exist could be a difficult task. Due to this reason, it is crucial to choose a guide that knows better than you.  

Here are the best six markets that you must visit at least once in a while 

As per the comparison of shopping online, the e-commerce sales would be in trillion at the end of the year 2022 but still, several people like to do local shopping. Because there are a large variety of clothes, accessories and other stuff which are quite lower in price than shopping malls or showrooms. Well, let’s see where you need to go if you are required to do shopping in Delhi city. 

  • Sarojini Nagar Market – 

This is a well famous place in the world for branded stocks of clothes and other necessary stuff. As per the marketers, here you will find the rejected items during the exporting process. So if you are planning to buy branded clothes under an affordable budget then this is the time to visit this place. One thing that you should keep in mind is that – the market is generally closed on Monday and every next day you could find the new varieties. In order to reach the market – you can take the help of a metro station. 

  • The Janpath market –  

Another hitting place to buy cheap clothes, accessories, paintings, and items to decor the home. Usually, you can’t visit this place on Sunday but the rest days of the week are best to visit. To reach there, you need to take the services of Rajiv chowk metro station and it exists in the street. 

  • Chandni Chowk – 

From the times of Mughal, this market is famous among the citizens of India. So if you like to see a historic place like this one then you can visit it once in a lifetime. There are multiple renowned marketplaces where most of the things are famous and you couldn’t find the same thing anywhere else. For readers, there are multiple collections of books and for ladies, there are jewelry and clothes too. To reach this place, there is a metro available for safe traveling. This market stays closed on Sunday and the timing is 10 AM in the morning to 8 PM in the evening. 

  • The Dilli Haat – 

If you like to see cultural activities, songs or dance performances then you can visit this market. Here you will find all the handmade stuff to decor the home and Madhubani painting is quite famous here. Every market is different from one another and there are particular things that you can’t find in any other nook of the world. This market introduces the culture and rituals of India and the ancient privilege. To reach there you must visit a nearby metro station and the best thing about this market is that – it is open every day of the week. Timing of open and close of the market is – 11 AM to the 10 PM in the morning and evening. 

  • Paharganj – 

If you are looking for bohemian clothing then this is the only where you can find it. From clothes to CDs shoppers can find anything under an affordable budget. This market exists in the center of Delhi and you can reach there through the New Delhi Metro station. Every Monday it is closed but you must visit from the Tuesday because shopkeepers change the old stock of stuff from the new one. 

  • Karol Bagh – 

If you are getting married next month then make sure this market has lots of things, especially for brides. Here you can find electronic appliances, shops for used books, and many more. This is another most famous market like other markets in Delhi and this is opened every day except Monday. 

Wrapping up – 

If you are shopping addicted then these are the following markets that are famous enough to purchase the best products under an affordable budget. Delhi is the only place that is famous for importing and exporting goods. That is why there are many things that you can not find anywhere else than here. Delhi is about to crumble due to pollution and population but still, people prefer this city best because of this amazing stuff.

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