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8 Things to Know about Logical Research Design

Logical Research Design


Performing research is the most difficult phase in the academic life of a student. He has to collect tons of information to answer the research questions and move forward. From research questions, I remember, have you developed the questions of your research? If yes, then the next step is the logical research design. You need to design your research framework in a justifiable and logical manner. However, many students succeed in developing research, but that design is often not logical. This clearly means that students need some kind of guidelines. Keeping this in view, today’s article is all about the things that students must know about logical research design. Before we move on to the things, let’s see what this research design means and why it is important to develop.

What does a logical research design mean?

Research design is the plan, structure, and strategy following which you will research the topic at hand. Logical design means researching a topic that is valid and makes sense. Also, the word logical here explains things a lot. With logic, the researcher proves that the truths described are indeed true, not just mere illusions.

Logical research design holds immense importance in research. Reaching a logical conclusion is only possible with the help of this design. Also, good research is based on logical reasoning. The logical processes of induction and deduction are also very important in conducting research. Therefore, a well-planned research design ensures that your research methods are in line with the research aims.

8 Things to Know

From the discussion, you know that developing a research design is important. You must know that knowing the importance is not enough. You must also know the things that can help you craft a perfect logical research design. So, below is a brief description of the 8 things that you must be aware of about this research design.

Research goal

The first thing that you need to consider before developing a research design is your research goal. Consider what you want to achieve through your research. Also, consider that you need to extract all the information in one fell swoop or whether you want to conduct the follow-up research later. These things are your research goals, and you should consider them. This outline can really help you a lot in your research design.

Research questions

The logical research design depends heavily on the research questions. It will not be wrong to say that research questions are the primary developers of a research design. It is the questions that set the research direction for you. They allow you to move in the right direction to achieve your research aims and objectives. Therefore, you must consider them in your research design.

Characteristics of research design

Every research design has some characteristics that you also take into account in its development. The logical research design also has some characteristics. Crafting your research design based on those characteristics is mandatory. Otherwise, your design will only be a design, not a logical design. Those things are mentioned as follows;

  • Objectivity. There should be no element of bias in your research design.
  • Logical. The important property is that design should be a logical one. It should be valid and make sense upon its application.
  • Generalisation. The outcome of your research should apply to the general population. A research design is not logical if only applied to a limited sample.

Type of research design

There are different types of research designs currently in use. One should use a research design that matches the research aims. It is important to consider while developing a logical research design, because choosing a design that is not relevant to the research will create problems for you during the research. Thus, considering the type of research design is of immense importance.

Significance of study

As a researcher, you must keep the significance of your study in mind. Significance is a major factor that governs the research design. The research that has more importance will be based on a logical research design that is designed carefully. It is because your future career depends on your study. Sometimes, the funding agencies fund your research. This funding makes your research more significant.

The data type

As described earlier, in your research design, you talk about the research methods. Now, the research methods depend heavily on the type of data. Whether it is qualitative data or quantitative data, you design and choose methods based on your data type. Therefore, it is important to consider the data type in your logical research design. It will allow you to choose more logical methods.

Sample size

The sample size is the seventh and one of the significant things you must know about your logical research design. Sample size plays immensely an important role in its development. It tells how big your sample size needs to be to answer the research questions. It will also answer how many people you are going to plan to include in your survey. If your sample size is greater, it is suggested that you must not select time-consuming methods in your research design.


Last but not the least, the time factor is the thing that is crucial in developing a logical research design. The whole research process takes time to complete. Academic research is not like an essay that you can complete overnight. It takes a lot of time and effort to complete research. Therefore, time is the major player in all this. You must consider how much time is there for the research to complete and then design the research design accordingly.


To summarise, a logical research design is based on logical reasoning. It talks about the validity of the things that make sense to the readers. Due to this, its development is a challenging task. However, you must consider the things mentioned above in your logical research design. You can craft a perfect design through these considerations.

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