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How To Fix Gmail Not Receiving Emails Problem?

Quick guide to fix Gmail not getting emails.

Google mail (Gmail) is one of the most popular email service providers used by almost 50% of the world population. Most of them use this account as a primary account for conversational purposes. That’s all because Gmail is quite efficient in sending and receiving emails. Although, Gmail is fully compatible with every device and browser. Still, some users cannot send or receive new emails on their accounts. 


Reasons for Gmail not receiving emails- 

Generally, Gmail is not receiving emails has been seen because of incorrect account settings, but occasionally, the problem might also be at the end of the server. Due to this, Gmail will stop receiving emails. Some of the major factors are available below. 

  1. Filters are deleting the emails. 
  2. Forwarding is activated. 
  3. Senders have been blocked on the Gmail. 
  4. Problems at the Internet or your network side. 
  5. Firewalls or security apps are blocking the sending/receiving process. 

How to fix Gmail not receiving emails? 

If you can’t receive emails on the Gmail account, you should sign in to the Gmail account on the new browser. Now, check do you receive the latest emails there or not? 

Check the mail filters- 

Whenever Gmail is not receiving new emails on your phone or computer, you should start by checking the mail filters. Most probably, Your Gmail is using some filters, changing the route of incoming emails. That’s why you can’t get them on your account. So go to the Gmail settings, and if you find any filter like that. You need to delete that immediately. 

  1. Open the Gmail settings. 
  2. Click on the filters and blocked address. 
  3. Select the mail filter and click on the delete address button. 

Disable the email forwarding- 

This is the most common reason for Gmail not receiving emails. Most often, users have activated the forwarding on their Gmail accounts, and the incoming emails will start skipping the Gmail inbox and be forwarded to another account. So if your Gmail is forwarding emails to another account, you need to go ahead and disable forwarding. To do that, you need to follow the instructions given below. 

  1. Open the Gmail settings. 
  2. Click on the Forwarding & Imap settings. 
  3. Now click on the turn-off forwarding option. 
  4. Finally, the forwarding will be disabled for your Gmail account. 

Check the Spam folders- 

When you are not receiving emails in the inbox, they appear in the spam folders or other folders. You need to check the blocked address settings. Most probably, you have blocked all senders, and that’s why Gmail is not receiving emails on the phone or computer. In such a case, you have to unblock the sender from Gmail. Right after that, your email will start working fine. 

  1. Open the Gmail account. 
  2. Click on the settings. 
  3. Now click on the filters and blocked address. 
  4. Delete the addresses from the blocked address. 

Check the storage-

Sometimes, Gmail is not receiving emails because of the storage issue. So you need to clear the storage space on your gmail and then retry to access the mail again. it should start working fine for you now.

Optimize the browser- 

Sometimes, a browser can cause Gmail not receiving emails. What happens when the browser is loading the old data from the cache. So you need to optimize the browser to get that fixed. 

  1. Clear all kinds of cookies from the browser. 
  2. Clear the browser history and other data as well. 
  3. Update the browser if available. 
  4. Update the plugins as well. 

Check the Network & computer security settings- 

Sometimes, Gmail is not receiving emails because of the network settings. You need to check your device’s internet settings. If the Internet is not working, you need to reboot the networking device and talk to the ISP. 

But if you are only having trouble loading the Gmail website, you need to change the DNS servers on your computer. Right after that, your Gmail will start working. 

Apart from that, you should also check the firewall and security settings. You can disable them for a while and then retry to reaccess the webmail. 

So these are the steps to fix the Gmail not getting new emails. I hope you have now started receiving the new emails on your Gmail account. 

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