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Best Beach Treks in India 

Gokarna Beach Trek

Ever wondered what a beach trek would look like? Well, Gokarna Beach Trek is a place that will answer your question! It is a perfect blend of Hills and beaches. It is 500 kilometers away from Bangalore. Initially you will reach Paradise Beach after crossing the forest. Paradise Beach is a sarine beach complemented by huge black rocks. Next destination is towards Half moon Beach, which welcomes you with constant waves. Before reaching this, you must cross the tricky high rocks, which, if not cared for, will lead you directly to the sea. After this you can reach Om Beach, which is named after the shape it takes based on Om. Next is Kudle Beach, which further leads you towards Gokarna Beach. So this trek is an amalgamation of adventurous and unique natural vegetation. The sounds of the waves will surely make your day. 

Elephant Beach Trek 

It is one the famous beaches located in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, more specifically Havelock Island. It is on the west coast of it, famous for water sports activities that you can enjoy. There are two important ways to get to Elephant Beach. One is that you can get here via boat through Havelock Dock. And another way is to go through the forest, which is through trekking known as Elephant Beach Trek. The forest has a well defined path except with few splits here and there. But they eventually merge to reach the same destination, only time differs. The trek is safe and not very long to reach the beach. The forest has many varieties of trees. The little further will lead you to the Elephant Beach. It is a visual retreat for you to look into the continuous hitting of the waves of Elephant Beach and spend some time with nature. 

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Kumta Beach Trek 

It is about 50 kilometers away from Murudeshwar in Karnataka. It is an underrated Beach as compared to the other beaches. But it is a hidden gem if you really want to enjoy it. You can start your trek from Nirvana Beach which is nearby to Kumta. Next hike is towards Kagal Hill. The path is not well marked, hence you may hire a guide for it. The view from the Kagal hill is an amazing experience as it follows the coastline of Kumta Beach. Next destination is Agastya Caves, where Mystery Beach is located. Next is Heaven Beach, which is a completely solitude beach. Hence, you can solely enjoy the journey. 

Butterfly Beach Trek 

It is located in South Goa. It is an approximately 3 kilometers trek. The trail is both ascending and descending. But the majority is descending because you must reach the beach and not a summit! The trek is famous for its variety of butterflies, hence the name. The trek has many waterlogged points where you may need to  cross knee-deep water. Many of the streams pass through the trek path itself. This makes the waterlogging more intense. The trek becomes narrow as soon as you reach the beach. You can hear the music of the beach waves well in advance. The narrow path has many small shrubs along with trees. You must cross some rock boulders to reach the beach. It is a serine beach complemented by majestic views. 

Chandipur to Digha Beach Trek

It is a trek from Odhisha to West Bengal. You can board a train in Balasore, which is 16 kilometers away from Chandipur. Chandipur is a busy locality for fishermen all over but is also a trekking area for explorers. It is a special place as during the low tide the water recedes upto 5 kilometers into the sea, exposing the flat beach area. As you move on you get to see the slice of village life busy with fishing activities. In the midst of the journey you can witness the mangrove trees which are known for their highly adaptive system. Next you must cross Dugdugi river, as the locals call it via boat to Kashafal. On the next day you can reach Dagara/ Dogra. And do get ready to some interesting rivers meanwhile on boats, in addition to trekking, to reach Digha in West Bengal. 

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