Best Time To Visit Rishikesh In The Winter Season

When you plan a trip to Rishikesh, you would never choose a season. This place is an all-time favourite destination of every travel enthusiast. So, it hardly matters when you are planning to travel. Still, if you are thinking of travelling in the winter season then you should keep in mind a few things. The best time to travel to Rishikesh in the winter season is anywhere between October to February. The climate of Rishikesh remains pleasant throughout the year. But to know the best time of travelling, keep on reading. your stay at the best winter place to stay in rishikesh.

Weather Conditions in Winter Season

If you want to visit in October to February, the average temperature would be 19°C to 27°C. The weather will be slight chilli and excellent for rafting purpose. A lot of people visit Rishikesh during this period as it is an enjoyable time of the year. January is the coldest month and it is advisable to carry heavy winter clothes like woollens, jackets, caps, gloves, etc., along with you.

As Rishikesh is an abode of spiritual enlightenment, people from different parts of the world wants to visit this place in the season of winter to enjoy the best of everything. The temperature of Rishikesh during winters keeps on fluctuating between 8°C and 34°C (minimum to maximum).

What’s The Significance of Visiting Rishikesh in Winters?

In winters, Rishikesh seems spellbinding from every side. The natural beauty seems inviting and you will be able to see the best of the nature right from mountains, valleys, rivers, lakes to waterfalls and more in the most beautiful manner. Also, you can engage in different adventurous activities to make your visit more worthy and thrilling. Some of the activities you can take part in are river rafting, parasailing, bungee jumping, paragliding, camping, trekking, and others. Also, one day of your itinerary should include a visit to all the famous temples including Triveni Ghat for the very famous Ganga Aarti. You can also give a treat to your spiritual side by visiting the various popular yoga institutes located in Rishikesh.

Things To Know Before Visiting Rishikesh in Winters

Winter season is one of the most popular seasons of travelling. People love to travel in winters to see the most amazing side of the nature in different states. So, accommodation and other things will get completely full and expensive too. You need to plan your travel well in advance to avoid landing into some difficulties. So, before visiting Rishikesh in winters, do keep in mind the following things:

  • Book your tickets and accommodation in advance.
  • Pack ample woollen clothes and winter jackets to get protection from cold.
  • Carry along all medicines including fever, nausea, cold & cough, etc.
  • You can indulge in all types of activities including river rafting, camping, and others.

Travel Tips

Being a traveller, you must know the essential things to carry along with you during winters. Here is a reminder note for you to ensure that all your things are at the right place before you head out for Rishikesh in the winter season.

  • Make sure to pack all warm clothes.
  • Keep the ideal type of footwear, if you are thinking of trekking and hiking.
  • Do keep essentials like medical kit, moisturizer, lip balm, mosquito repellent, and other items.
  • Keep torchlight and windcheater handy.

Things to See and Do in Rishikesh during Winters

There are tons of things to explore in Rishikesh and winters are no excuse to miss any of them. You can start your trip with a visit to the popular temples and ghats. Attend the evening aarti and then plan your other days itinerary.

  • You can keep one day for yoga and meditation by taking part in different types of yoga sessions held in different yoga institutes. You can visit the popular ones and enjoy practicing yoga under the guidance of experienced Gurus.
  • Enjoy the best and thrilling adventures of the city including river rafting, bungee jumping, camping, and much more.
  • Do not miss café hopping trend of this place as it offers some most amazing cafés one can ever imagine. The food, sitting, and arrangement, everything will lure you to check out each of them at least once.
  • Do not miss to visit the famous Lakshman and Ram Jhula. You can also visit in an around famous attractions including Rajaji National Park, Shivpuri, etc.

All of this will help you in planning your trip well for winters. Do not miss anything and just enjoy your trip!

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