How Technology Will Benefit The Classroom?

After the pandemic, tech adoption has been the biggest lesson for the education industry. This multi-billion dollar industry is all set to revolutionize the education system across the globe. 

Recently, at a post-COVID education conference in the USA, it was discussed that the present global market value of the EdTech (Education Technology) industry is $2.8 billion, and it is projected to reach $25 billion by 2025. 

It seems that millennials and the upcoming generation are more familiar with technology than any generation, and electronics are at the center of their daily life experiences. Therefore, as per EdTech conferences of 2022, it is crucial to integrate technology with the education industry that will bear fruitful results for the students and for the teachers too. 

The way students show interest in the latest technologies conveys that they are eagerly waiting for a smart education system, where technology will be the epicenter of their experience.

Let’s review how a classroom will be after technology takes over the traditional ways of teaching. 

Productivity And Creativity

No wonder productivity and creativity are the most valuable form of human intelligence that determines how successful a human will be. This quality must be preserved and blossom in every human being. E-books will replace books, smart boards and projectors will replace blackboards, and new subjects will be introduced in schools after the coming of technology. It is observed that a smart classroom can enhance the creative thinking of a student. Hence, leading to higher levels of productivity in activities. 


Above all, if we want to make students fall in love with learning. We have to increase their involvement and focus level. A smart classroom can be more engaging than a traditional one. Leading to a higher level of interest from the student’s side. A study showed that visual texts are 9 percent more effective than written text. In addition, technology will improve a child’s learning and thinking capabilities, making him more engaging in study.

Digital Data And Submissions  

Teachers are usually bogged down under paperwork to maintain attendance and the records of students. Even children have to make individual notebooks for different subjects, and they have to keep a lot of paper assignments throughout their school years.

Software and applications can change this equation by adopting digital means of communication. Schools can have a portal where teachers and students can save their paperwork and daily activities. In addition, it will free students from the burden of carrying heavy school bags because now they can get access to the study material on cloud-based portals. This will also go a long way in preserving paper. 

E- classes

This concept is a new norm after the pandemic. Through video calling services, teachers can take online classes from anywhere. Teachers had to face initial issues because they may not have much proficiency in technology. But now we are seeing that everyone appreciates this way of teaching. It is so thrilling to imagine that we can create an online school where children from any part of the world can be admitted to those schools. 

It is well known that technology is not going anywhere. We may see fewer smart rooms in the schools today. But the schools are ready to evolve quickly in another five years. Initial investments can cost them much, but the future generation will enjoy the results which such changes will inevitably bring. 

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