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Interior Design Ideas to Upgrade Your Home Decor

Wooden Furniture and Wall Decor to Upgrade Your Interiors

Before giving 2022 a goodbye, let us look into whether we have followed all the decor trends for an uplighting lifestyle.

Let me walk you through some secret tricks you probably don’t know yet that will make your home look as graceful as you want it to be. 

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Pastel Hues Are Making Some Noise

Modern home buyers are now shifting to more pastel hues for making their walls stunning than being left with monotonous white-beige colours. So, if you are looking for something pleasing to the eyes, but do not want to go for bright colours, then pastel is a smart choice. 

There’s never a time when pastels won’t look good. From cooler greens and blues to warmer yellows and pinks, pastels will never be out of style. With pastel colours, you can have a graceful look, i.e. a timeless choice for home interiors. 

Try out Different Shades of Brown

Today’s home buyers are more into using shades of brown to have a lavish feel. This brown colour adds an extraordinary touch to the walls that complement any decor in the room. It is high time you play around with colours, not going for the neutral ones. With shades of brown, you will stand out from your neighbours. 

Choose Plywood over Solid Wood

Plywood is more budget-friendly compared to solid wood and is available in the market. Eco-friendly guidelines have reduced the availability of solid wood in the market, making plywood the most popular furniture material.

So, make a smart decision by opting for the best plywood for furniture by Greenply. An affordable option as compared to solid wood without compromising the lavish look and feel of your interiors. 

For an organic feel, get your furniture made from plywood by Greenply that suits your personality. Furniture made from quality wood can revolutionise the overall look of your interiors.  

Make a Statement with Outdoor Furniture

The newer trend is to make your outdoor environment a better place to breathe in and spend quality time. 

Just imagine sipping a cup of tea, having a swing on your balcony and connecting with nature away from the city lights. 

Seems interesting, Right? 

Incorporate beautiful veneer wood furniture made from BWP plywood, attractive outdoor paints, etc. and add beauty to the outdoor decor. 

Opt for Multi-functional Rooms

Modern homes come with living rooms that open into the balcony area. You can find living rooms cum dining rooms and customised bars in the kitchen area. Multi-functional rooms are very beneficial that add a posh touch to your daily lifestyle. 

Go for Smart Homes

Nowadays, people are into making their homes smart places to reside. Some technical assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home have revolutionised simple living into a smart one. 

Choose Eco-friendly Materials

Go for eco-friendly materials instead of artificial ones. Greenply has a range of zero-emission plywood that helps to improve indoor air quality compared to other plywood. 

Green platinum is one of the best plywood for furniture by Greenply, which is fire-retardant and BWP plywood. Manufactured from A+ grade timber, Greenply plywood is here to stay and rule the plywood industry. 

Switch to Contrast Furniture

Go for light-coloured veneer wood furniture if your interiors have a dark-coloured background. You can add a stunning contrast to your light-coloured interiors with dark-coloured veneer wood furniture. 

Try out these startling ideas that will make your homes a class apart.

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