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Landing Page And Tips To Optimize It For Conversion

What is a landing page?

A landing page encourages the visitor to take action. For example by subscribing to the newsletter or leaving an e-mail address. This way the visitor no longer has to miss out on attractive discounts or news. Encouraging action is therefore the most important and only purpose of a landing page. But why actually? You can get in touch with Landing Page Design Agency in Germany

Simply because you do not want to distract the visitor’s attention by offering various other promotions. For example, reading an article, viewing a product or liking a social media page. An abundance of choice ensures that the visitor is distracted from the actual goal. After reading or downloading an e-book or article, leaving contact details is often forgotten when that is the most important. A good landing page therefore has one call-to-action, or a CTA.

Tips to optimize landing page for conversions

A good landing page does not stand or stand alone with good SEO. Conversion optimization is also important. How do you do that? We give you some tips:

1: Use appealing header

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Therefore, always use a striking and catchy headline that appeals. This should not only attract attention, but also encourage the visitor to take more action. You can think of clicking on the “read more” button. The visitor spends more time on your landing page, which contributes to the conversion.

2: Related Header and Meta Title

Make sure your landing page header (H1) matches the meta title you’re using. Your visitor has not clicked on this title for nothing. If you don’t do this, the search engine may consider your website to be misleading, causing your position to drop. In addition, it has a negative effect on the image of your company. With a corresponding H1 and meta title you let the target audience know that they have “landed” on the correct landing page.

3: Put call to action at the top

A CTA is preferably placed at the top of the page. If you want to optimize your landing page for conversions, this button should be the first thing the visitor sees. However, it is not always that simple. Especially not when it comes to mobile landing pages. In that case, preferably use striking icons such as arrows. They have to convince the reader that scrolling further is worth it.

4: Use Directions to Drive Users to Your CTA

People are very visually oriented, for example if you have an arrow lead to your CTA button, this will result in more conversion. Or if you put a photo next to your CTA that looks at your CTA, there is a good chance that the user will follow this direction and this also increases your conversion percentage.

5: Reviews and Testimonials

Earlier we talked about how customer reviews contribute to consumer confidence. Consider giving these reviews a prominent place on the landing page. It can give a consumer just that little push that is needed to complete the purchase.

6: Use Bullets

Bullets are also known as bullet points. They enable you to make a clear list of what you have to offer. Think of the functions of a product, the working method of a service or the USPs of your company. A bulleted list is easier for the reader to scan than a lengthy article. In addition, the most important points are remembered for longer.

7: Repeat Call-to-Action Buttons

Especially if your landing page contains a lot of content, it is wise to repeat the CTA button a few times. You can do this up to three times. A good distribution is crucial in this regard. For example, you can place a call-to-action at the head of a text, centered in the middle and at the end of the landing page. This way you keep reminding the visitor of his or her task, taking action. Repeating CTAs is good, but don’t overdo it.

8: Make company contact details visible

Clearly visible contact details of your company contribute to consumer confidence. You can think of a form with which the visitor can contact with questions or comments. This shows that you are willing to help, so that you reassure the target group.

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