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Proven Tips to Make Your Kitchen Exhaust Fan Silent

Of course, the role of any kitchen exhaust system is to keep the air clean and a healthy environment to cook. But the noises produced by such fans can act as a distraction in maintaining the space. 

Do you want to keep the kitchen exhaust fan system clean and free of cooking odors but face noise problems?

Luckily, there is a wide range of solutions that help in making the kitchen space soundproof. Of course, learning how to keep the exhaust fan quiet does not take that much effort and time. Also, it saves the people cooking in the kitchen from inconvenience. 

So, let’s take a closer look at these tips that will help you attain a cleaner and quieter kitchen.

How to Make the Kitchen Exhaust Fan Soundproof?

Proper Insulation is Vital

The kitchen exhaust fan insulation benefits in enormous ways. For example, it will eliminate excessive sound production, especially if you surround it with soundproofing material. 

Make sure you select something that matches nicely with the fan’s surroundings and has enough mass. Without a certain, not all of the material components will work well as insulation. However, adopting vinyl or foam as a solution may be the best option. All of this contributes to a reduction in the likelihood of moist air condensation. Increased condensation, after all, can cause major harm to the fan and other kitchen items. As a result, the cost of completing the repairs increases.

Upgrade Fan Size

Usually, there are some exhaust fans available that serve basic cooking purposes. However, if the kitchen is always under use for cooking, like in restaurants, it puts a lot of pressure on the single fan installed there.

This is when there comes the need to upgrade the fan size and analyze if it works well or not in eliminating the noise. In case the wearings are getting torn out, the reason can be the accumulation of gunk. Here, replacing the fan blades can be the solution, or may need to buy a new exhaust system if keep on overlooking the problems. 

Motor Lubrication is the Key

Most exhaust system motors do not require frequent lubrication. But keeping them maintained will not hurt any operation performed each day. Lubrication helps in reducing friction and keeping the sound as low and soft as possible.  

In some cases, the total elimination of noise is obvious after the lubrication.

It’s simple to test the overall motor by opening the fan once. If it’s getting dry, add some oil to see if the tactic is working. Also, the fan would require no further assistance once the lubrication is done. 

Set the Ducting Equipment

If the exhaust fan’s mounting supplies aren’t placed rightly, loose screws may need to be tightened to lower noise. Of course, the loose equipment will rattle and create noise. Hence, you will need to follow these tips to ensure the fan remains stiff and makes as much less noise as possible. 

  • Ensure that the blades are straight and securely fastened without shaking
  • Tighten all of the nuts and bolts with a screwdriver

If there is any broken equipment, wait for none and get it replaced as soon as possible. 

De-Clog Kitchen Exhaust Fan Blades

The professional cleaners always advise putting some effort into de-clogging the fan blades after some time frame. If not done, the blade may stop working efficiently.

The role of a kitchen exhaust fan is to get rid of the kitchen grease or debris. This simply means the blades tend to collect dust and debris over time. De-clogging saves expenses and the need for additional maintenance. The warning signs can also occur if the fan begins to experience more noise than usual. So, ensure the fan blades are de-clogged properly and replaced if it shows signs of extreme noise.

Inspect the Junction Box

The junction box is the box hidden beneath the fan and folded into the ceiling. It can also be simply illustrated as the location where the wires are stored and where the fan and its connecting ports are located.

Yes, it can be challenging to assess the junction box. However, it may be necessary to remove the fan’s top to better investigate it. Fix all the loose connections and examine if any components require repair. 

If you find repairing the fan on your own or inspecting the junctions daunting, seek professional assistance. 

Seek Professional Help

In case you do not find any of these tips working for you, the better option can be to reach out to a professional. Yes, it may be a bit costly for you but they can help you in enormous ways with assured outcomes. 

They can pinpoint the exact needs, which may include replacing or repairing the entire system. The kitchen exhaust fan is essential. Hence, don’t ignore or continue to use it as an option until any severe issue occurs.

If the fan emits any sparks or stops functioning, a specialist should be consulted.

Most of the time, it could be challenging for the typical individual to correct, and attempting to do so could result in a slew of issues. Here, it always becomes helpful to turn the power off before trying to fix the issue on your own.

Undoubtedly, exhaust fans are not as complex as ceiling fans. However, they can still be the cause of mishappening if not taken care of properly. 

All in all, hire professionals of kitchen hood system cleanliness who can take care of everything from noise elimination to proper air ventilation. 

Summing Up

To conclude, there would hardly be any individual who would not get annoyed with the loud and jiggling noise of the kitchen exhaust fan. Thus, either getting it replaced or turning it off and forgetting about it. 

Remember that overlooking the noisy kitchen area can cause severe mishappening. For example, either the fan can break or you may need to buy the unit. So, instead of ignoring such situations, follow these tips to ensure the fan continues working the way it needs to. 

Hope you find this write-up helpful and informative.

Thanks for Reading!!

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