Reasons to switch to wooden sunglasses

Today, everyone has glasses – and not alone. Ophthalmologists often recommend wearing sunglasses even on cloudy days. At any time of the year, such glasses are quite common to most of us. In fact, many people have to wear sunglasses in winter to protect their eyes from the glare of the sun on the snow.
In addition to protecting your eyes, sunglasses are also a great way to add an element of style to your look, especially when you are wearing handmade eyeglasses. Handmade eyewear was and always will be on top. In order to wear such glasses correctly and appropriately, you need to learn a few simple but clear rules.


What is always important to look at when choosing glasses is UV protection. You should always remember that the protection that sunglasses give you is actually invisible. Not the fact that the darker the lenses, the higher the degree of protection. The only way to ensure your eyesight is optimally protected is to have them checked out by a professional eye specialist or order really good glasses. This advice is especially important if you have certain ophthalmic abnormalities, such as myopia. You will kill two birds with one stone if you order good glasses with diopters and at the same time – with reliable protection from harmful UV rays.


Recently, wooden frames have become popular, and although quality products used to cost a lot of money, now you can find interesting offers on the market, including those made in China.


In addition to frame materials, sunglasses come in a wide variety of shapes and styles. In general, three main types of frames should be distinguished: full, partial, and glasses without frames at all.

Full frame glasses are most often made of plastic or metal. As is often the case with sports eyeglasses, the frame wraps around the lens completely, protecting the eye from wind and dust. Usually, those who need sunglasses for professional indications, as a standard, choose the full-frame. A partial frame most often covers the top and sides of the lens, leaving the bottom free.

Rimless glasses are fixed with a central link between the lenses on the bridge of the nose. In such glasses, this bridge has the most important supporting function, because it actually protects the lenses and face from pressure, and also distributes weight. The bridge of the nose is also an element of style and helps to correct the features of the facial structure. For example, people with large noses fit glasses with a lower fit, while glasses with a high bridge are great for thin noses. Moreover, the bridge shapes the overall look of the glasses and determines how they fit a particular type of face.


Lenses will please you with a wider variety: polarized, specular, and colored, red, gray, brown, and green are especially recommended because they distort colors to a lesser extent than yellow, despite their ability to sharpen the view. Thanks to this quality, the latter is very popular with athletes, especially skiers, hunters, and pilots. The lens is actually the determinant of the quality of glasses because it protects your eyes. And it is on it that you should focus your attention when choosing. And it is for this reason that a visit to a professional optics salon will guarantee you a better result.

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