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Say ‘NO’ to These Weird Traditions in Yadav Matrimony

Every caste and religion has some unique and super weird rituals at their weddings. Obviously, Yadav matrimony celebrations are no exception to this. So, the article is going to deal with some of those less familiar and offensive traditions in Yadav matrimony that must stop soon!

Marriage is a ‘once in a lifetime affair for most of us. Many people especially girls start dreaming of their D-day at quite tender ages. Naturally, they want things completely perfect and customized according to their ways in their weddings. But despite, all the fun-filled activities and rituals, there are a few ‘not-so-cool’ practices that many millennials are now loathing to follow. So, keep reading to find out these annoying customs in Yadav matrimony that must stop Now!

Groom’s Mother Can’t Attend the Wedding

Surprised to hear that? Well, so are we. But sadly, this is one of the most widely believed traditions in Yadav matrimony. 

It is said that the mother of the groom cannot go to his Baraat and watch him getting married as it will cast evilness on their marriage. The boy’s mother watching his wedding is a sign of bad fate for his life afterward. Can you believe it! Obviously, the tradition makes no sense and the mother is any day the last person to cast an evil eye on her children’s happiness. The sheer thought of disrupting her son’s happiness would break her. Yet, she is made to think otherwise because of this age-old belief in Yadav marriages. So, it is high time one shall give a break to such vague ideas and let mothers be included in their son’s happiness without any guilt.

Groom And the Bride Can’t Meet

This is another interesting myth about Yadav matrimony weddings. They believe that the groom and the bride cannot see each other prior to the day of their wedding. It is considered a bad omen to see each other’s faces and believed to bring bad luck.  Though there is no such harm in not seeing your betterhalf for a day or two but wedding excitement hits different. 

No matter how much they try to stop themselves. It is kind of romantic to go beyond the boundaries and rules just to get a glimpse of your soulmate before the wedding. But musings apart, there is really no logic enough to believe anything like that. The wedding season is the most special time for the bride and groom. One shall let them enjoy that to their fullest.

Manglik Tree Wedding

It is as strange as it sounds. When any among the groom or the bride is found to be Manglik. They have to go through some highly offending and weird practices before the wedding. For instance, they have to marry a tree or a goat before marrying the actual person. The main purpose of this ‘first wedding’ is to save their would-be spouses from the bad fate that might befall on them. 

It is believed that every bad happening which might target their new spouses will now target the tree or a goat, whomever they got married to first with. 

Changing the Last Name After Marriage

However, it is socially accepted by many but expecting women to change their last name after marriage is a fine example of prevalent sexism. In fact, some families even give their new brides a new name and start calling here with the same. Though many ladies don’t get deep into the matter, while many find it extremely offending. 

It is the same as snatching her of her identity. She is given a whole new first and last name leaves her own house, serves her in-laws as her own parents, and whatnot. Everything changes for a woman after marriage. On contrary, it all remains the same for men. Undoubtedly, the tradition is really toxic and it should stop ASAP. the couples instead, should be allowed to live wherever they wish for after marriage. Also, no one has a right to derive someone of their identity before including them into their family. 

So, these are some of the loathing customs and traditions in Jadav matrimony that need to stop soon. Most of them are highly patronizing and offensive to the female sex.

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