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Tips to Take Better Care of Your Outdoor Furniture

The concept of “a home” is ever-evolving and the outdoors is now being given as much attention as the indoors. From the poshest estates to the most humble home, you will always find some investment outdoors. Outdoor furnishing is a popular method of making the outside feel like home. They are usually a pleasant addition to a compound, especially during the warm seasons, but they may start showing signs of aging after some seasons. This makes them less pleasurable. Even though high-quality outdoor furniture is built to withstand weather elements for years, they still need to be looked after. Here are some outdoor furniture maintenance tips;

1. Read the care guidelines provided by the manufacturer

Many people usually ignore the care guideline, but it is crucial to read it if you wish to keep your furniture in good shape for longer. They are just some simple and basic furniture care rules to familiarize with and follow. They guide you on how to clean the furniture, products that may damage it, how to handle it, etc. The benefits of reading the manufacturer’s guidelines are unfathomable.

2. Regular Cleaning

This may seem like an obvious tip, but many don’t take it seriously. Just like indoor furniture, outdoor furniture also requires cleaning. You don’t just place a table or seats outside and forget them like trees or something. They won’t last long due to the adverse conditions outside. They have to be cared for and cleaned. The cleaning should be regular since they are bound to be exposed to dirt. Some light cleaning techniques can apply to all furniture. You can clean any piece of furniture using a soft bristle brush, no matter its material. This removes dust particles that may have settled on it.

You can also wipe the furniture with a wet piece of cloth, removing any stains. Not all furniture is cleaned the same. When intensively cleaning, you have to put the material a piece of furniture is made of into consideration. Furniture can be made of wood, metal, plastic, and all-weather wicker, or upholstered. Each material requires a different method of cleaning otherwise, you will be doing more harm than good.

3. Protect from weather changes

Outdoor furniture is usually exposed to many adverse weather conditions that they need to be protected from. Even if you clean them regularly, if you don’t protect them from the elements, all the cleaning will be for nothing. They won’t last as long as you would wish them to.

A table or any piece of furniture placed on the patio is usually exposed to;

a)rain and moisture

They can be rained on or exposed to high humidity, which leads to physical degradation of the material. It also leads to the thriving of various fungi like mold and mildew. They cause the furniture to look less appealing and may also cause irritation, respiratory problems, and other health issues. This can be prevented by covering the furniture with a waterproof tarp that protects them from any moisture.

b)Rust and corrosion

It mainly affects metal furniture when continuously exposed to water and oxygen. This weakens and makes them look less attractive.

c) Sunshine and high temperature

Especially during the summer, temperatures are very high and can adversely affect outdoor furniture. They cause noticeable expansion on some materials, which eventually leads to cracking, warping, or becoming brittle. This makes the furniture dangerous as it may break, causing injuries. Constant exposure to sunshine may cause the furniture to fade and lose its luster. This makes them less appealing. Furniture can be protected from the sun by covering it with a tarp when not in use.

4. Using outdoor furniture sparingly

It is recommended you have outdoor furniture outside only during the period it’s in use. You should consider storing them in a safe, dry, covered place until they will be used again. For snowy places, this is especially true in the winter months. And for very hot dry places it is a good idea to make sure the furniture is in a shaded place or the sun could damage your furniture. This will help them last longer and be of service to you for more years. Things like umbrellas should also be closed when not in use.


Outdoor furniture is used to better our home experience and is proven to make a home more appealing. However, they need constant maintenance to be of service for longer. If you follow the above tips, you are almost guaranteed that your furniture will last as long as you may wish.

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