Ways for world-wide website monitoring and fixing issues

Any modern business strives to reach as wide an audience as possible. This allows you to attract a maximum of potential customers and significantly increase profits. To do this, websites designed for an audience from all over the world are used in the modern world.

This approach, although it has many advantages for business, also has some disadvantages. However, they are mostly related to the technical side of the issue. For example, a website may not be available in a particular region. And this can cause a lot of troubles, including financial losses. Therefore, it is necessary to respond to such situations as quickly as possible.

website may not be available in a particular region

Ways to monitor website from various regions

Monitoring the health and availability of a website from different regions is not an easy task. It is almost impossible to solve it independently with the help of classical tools familiar to every webmaster. You will need to fine-tune manually for each possible region. But there is a more practical and effective approach to solve this problem. In this case, we are talking about using universal web services for monitoring websites, such as HostTracker.

HostTracker service allows for comprehensive monitoring of the website in automatic mode. This service has almost 150 access points around the world. They are located not only in different countries of the world, but also at different Internet providers. This allows this system to very accurately track the availability of a website in different regions. So a webmaster with the help of this service can quickly find and eliminate any problem with the availability of a website.

Ways to monitor website from various regions

In addition, this website monitoring service, in addition to its amazing features, will also notify a webmaster if something is wrong with a website. Its notification system can use almost any of the messaging systems. Including, but not limited to phone calls, SMS and Slack. And a webmaster can configure this system by literally stating what it is worth notifying a webmaster about.

Google Ads and world-wide website monitoring

One of the main services that can be included among the sources of losses in case of unavailability of the website is Google Ads. At least because Google’s systems automatically block ads campaigns when a website is unavailable. Accordingly, in such cases, the website ceases to appear in advertising and search results.

Google Ads and world-wide website monitoring

However, Google Ads services have another drawback related to website failures. If a website is available, but the content is partially or completely unavailable, Google systems do not block ads campaigns. But when users click on the link, they end up on an empty web page. And these situations lead not only to overpayments, but also to an outflow of website visitors.

But the HostTracker toolkit includes tools that automatically check everything related to Google Ads and suspend advertising campaigns in case of problems. This happens faster than Google has time to automatically block them. And this, in turn, allows Google’s advertising campaigns to resume work as soon as the problems with the website are fixed.

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