What are the types and responsibilities of SAFe Product Owner?


SAFe Product Owner is the person in an Agile team that indicates as the voice of the team. It takes care of the product in the organization. Moreover, he defines the stories list in the backlog. The Product Owner works on the limited part in the product backlog.

There are many professional institute of SAFe Product Owner course in Delhi which will enhance your skills and knowledge. Professionals with skills in this domain get huge opportunities in the manufacturing industry.

Let’s discuss the responsibilities of the SAFe Product Owner:

What are the various responsibilities of SAFe Product Owner:

As, a product owner, there are many responsibilities that professional needs to handle in an organization. Let’s see some of the major responsibilities of the SAFe PO:

  • Planning: The main role of the SAFe Product owner is to make plans. Furthermore, he is a part of the production team of an organization. The work or the activity he/she needs to take care of the refinement of the product backlog in the production. The PO makes sure that the list of the task that needs to be performed are recognized. However, the strategy for executing the work is prepared.
  • Iteration: The team backlog is built, updated, and maintained in a Product team to get updates from stakeholders. Although, SAFe PO should review and order the team backlog. While Planning Iteration events, the PO’s main responsibility is to give complete details of the consumer to the production team. PO keeps an eye on the track of the flow of work and maintains priorities according to the work.
  • Program Execution: During the PI, all SAFe PO connect with each other in the organization to synchronize the work and make it complete perfectly. POs perform the most important role in developing the System Demo for all the stakeholders in the program for valuable streaming of the work.
  • Inspection and Adaptation: It is held to acknowledge any kind of obstacle in between the smooth progress of the work. PO works across teams to examine the best possible ways to improve the processes and team speed and quality. While the I&A workshop is in an ongoing process, the PO engages in the PI system demo for stakeholders.
  • Consumer Needs: The SAFe PO should learn about the needs of the consumer and what are the market trends going on. The strategy can only be successful when you are fully aware of what is in the demand. As new trends are coming up daily in the industry, SAF PO should to be update with all the insights.
  • Liaison between product and development team: PO is the main contact person between the manager and other team members. Although, SAFe PO tries to make understand the vision, goals, and needs of the consumer to different teams. This will help in achieving the goals and generate revenue in the organization.

Different types of Product Owners:

In the industry, there are different types of Product Owner such as follow:

  • Scrum Product Owner is the professional who completely takes care of the product. Furthermore, the main task is to develop the product accurately and satisfies the customer’s needs.
  • Feature Owner is the professional who takes of the features added to the product during the development. He should take care of the benefits the customers acquire from the feature present in the product.
  • Component Owner is the person who makes sure the components should add according to the layer in the product. It’s a form of the building of architectural blocks in product development.
  • Portfolio Owner is the professional who manages all kinds of products development. Furthermore, the person makes sure that all the products which relates should be add.
  • Platform Owner is the person who manages all the software collected on the platform.
  • Product Owner is the person who have to manage all the Portfolio.


SAFe PO helps organizations to manage the product. Therefore, organizations hire professionals in this domain in the manufacturing industry.  P0 handles the team backlog and a limited part of the product. If you want to make a career in SAFe Product Owner Training in Noida then you should grasp the professional certificate as valid proof. The demand and salary in this domain are usually high in this domain in the industry.

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