What Factors to Check before Selling a SUV in Dubai?

There are two different methods for selling an SUV in Dubai. The first method is through trading up, where you don’t need to search around. You need to accept the price offered by the dealer to sell your car. The other way is to sell it privately. You can check advertisements about SUV for sale in Dubai to set the appropriate value for your vehicle.

Dealers Deal:

When you are selling in a trading way, they have benefits and drawbacks. Well for the earlier you do not have to do much, in this case, the expert deals with a majority of the things, including all the documentation processes, which will be touched by them. Mostly all this is taken care of on the dealer’s online portal or showroom. 

When it comes to the drawbacks price of a vehicle is the common factor. There are chances that you will get a lower price than what you would have if you did it yourself privately. You will have to do a bit of researching on your SUV car model, its year and conditions, and put a price on it yourself. You must choose an authentic car buying and selling portal such as CarSwitch, where you can get the actual value of your SUV car in Dubai. You can advertise your car on different portals as SUV for sale in Dubai to get the price you require. 

Doing it yourself:

The first and foremost thing to do is research, find a fair price in the market, and check the model value, year, and other required details. You can even place your ads like SUV for sale in Dubai, which would cost about AED 200 for used car ads. Give the appropriate information for the buyer to contact you.

Main Factors to check:

How much paint is on the car?

Check the paint on your car before selling your SUV in Dubai. Paint on a vehicle is one of the essential factors to conclude the value of any vehicle. If your SUV has thick paint, it is definite that it has gone through some kind of accident. You must go to a paint shop before selling your SUV but make sure you keep it thin. Avoid changing the original parts of the car if not essential.


Mileage is also a necessary factor to consider while selling a car. You can get more value for your vehicle if its mileage is low.

Clean and Tidy?

That’s good if your car is mechanically in good condition, but the apparent look of a car also matters a lot while selling a car in Dubai. So it is essential to keep your SUV clean and tidy can make it possible for you to get the appropriate value of your vehicle.

Make Sure there is no Permanent Damage?

Before selling your SUV, make sure it has no permanent damage. Some permanent injuries will be shown in the RTA test report, even if you had repaired them. If your SUV car has any permanent damage, it will significantly lose its value.

To conclude this you need to keep two things in mind, do not accept a cheque after selling your car, be polite and ask for cash and your number plate. You cannot take it with you if you are leaving the country either you need to hand it over to your buyer or find out your number plates value as you may not know what’s it’s value.

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