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Standout On Web With ‘Image Optimization’ – 100% Guaranteed

Do you know where you are lacking to GAIN THE TRAFFIC?

You might be missing the ‘IMAGE OPTIMIZATION.’

Though Google considers 200+ factors while making a website to rank, so, it would be wrong to conclude that ‘Image Optimization’ alone has the potential to help you grab that #1 Rank Spot. So ‘Why are we emphasizing you to optimize the images?’

Answer: ‘Image Optimization is essential to make your site’s content & intent easily understandable for the users. 

Is ‘ IMAGE OPTIMIZATION’ A Complicated Procedure? 

No, probably, it is not! You merely need to make a few modifications to the current image process. Only those minor changes are capable enough to help your site gain more traffic & leads. 

How Important Is ‘IMAGE OPTIMIZATION’ For A Website? 

The sites with well-optimized images get ‘BEST Visibility’ in Google. Enhanced Visibility always leads to ‘Increased Traffic.’ It is the only reason that the sites need to optimize their images. But apart from that, there could be other reasons as well: 

  • For the Sake of User Experience 

User Experience is what web development & SEO Professionals work for. 

For example, if there is a large image on your website covering the other elements, it will be said to be spoiling the user experience. In that case, it is necessary to make sure the image has the correct dimensions. Or you can lose traffic. 

  • Make Your Site SWIFT 

The images which are excessively & unnecessarily large or the ones which are formatted incorrectly can drop down the site’s speed. 

And it is needless to mention that the slow site speed can kill your ranking & annoy the visitors. 

6 Must-Know Tips For Image Optimization

I Know, for beginners, Technical SEO is Complicated. Complications seem to be a never-ending aspect when you do not have the required knowledge about Updates in Google’s Algorithm. But fortunately, the process of image optimization is comprehensively simple. 

Though simple, ‘Image Optimization’ needs precision. Follow these tips to gift your site high traffic & revenue orientation: 

1.               Always Select the Right ‘Image-File’ Type

Choosing an Inappropriate file type can cause your image to be displayed incorrectly or blurry. I know there are many image formats, and it is difficult for a non-professional to find out which image format is suitable. In that case, we suggest that you take the help of some professional who has considerable knowledge about the image formats like Vectors, JPEGs, Raster, PNG & GIFs.  

Questions Please!

  • Which Is The Best ‘Image-Type’ For SEO? 

For SEO, JPEG & PNG are the best file formats. 

  • Why is ‘JPEG’ The Best File Type? 

JPEG is not only best and thus the popular ‘Image-File-Type’ because of the following reasons: 

  • It can be displayed on any device. 
  • It can show millions of colors.

Were You Also Thinking The Same? 

  • Why is JPEG not a suitable file type for ‘Professional Photography’? 

JPEG makes some data lost during compression. And professional photography is supposed to support high-resolution photographs. So JPEGs cannot be used for professional photography.

  • So, Can I use PNGs?

Another popular & professionally acceptable type of file format is PNG. Here are some of its features: 

  • Lossless Compression 
  • Transparent Backgrounds 
  • Large Size of the File

Use It Or Lose It

JPEG Blog Post Images, Screenshots
PNGIcons, Logos & Zoom-in Oriented Images

2.       Image Compression Is Necessary!

By Image Compression, we mean making the large image files smaller to make sure that they can: 

  • Load on the internet 
  • Get Stored in the device

Grab it, Fast!

There are two types of Image Compression – Lossless & Lossy 


Question Please!

  • How To Compress The Images? 

You can use the free extension from Chrome – Resizing. app. Apart from it, you can use the following as well: 

  • Photoshop 
  • PicResize 

3.       Please Use – Description Alt Text 

Alt TextTextual Description of the image that tells: What is it? What Purpose does it serve? 

Question Please!

What Is The Significance Of ‘Alt Text’? 

The textual information is beneficial as: 

  • The screen readers use it to describe the image to the users. 
  • Google uses it to determine whether the included image is relevant to the search query. 

How to Add Alt Text? 

WordPressGoogle Docs
To add alt text to the block with an image, highlight it and type it into the provided boxRight Click on the image select the ‘Alt Text’ option. Add the title & description in the dialogue box. 

Win Against Competition!

Browse a competitor’s site, right-click and select “Inspect.” The alt tags will appear in the site’s code.

4.       Image Name & Description Must Have A High Quality!

It is none other than the image title that tells the users about the context of your images. I know they don’t affect the rankings directly, but they help be shown in the site’s code. 

Let Me Help You!

Make use of the short phrases to describe the image. Also, do not forget to use the key term. With this, your pictures become super easier to find by Google’s Image Search. We all know that google generates the ‘snippet & title for the images’ itself, so if you include a title to your vision, it is more likely to be considered. 

Images Must Be Mobile Friendly 

Mobile devices direct more than 80% of the traffic to websites. So images must not spoil the user experience. 

Pro-Tips by Kinex Media!

  • Usually, our SEO experts view the added image from several mobile devices to ensure that the photos appear well on iPhone, Android devices & tablets. 
  • Take Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test, which helps to know if the images are slowing down the speed of your site on mobile.

5.       Use Schema Mark-up

By schema mark-up, we mean structured data. It is also a type of code that gives search engines a better idea to understand what your code is all about.

For example, You want to make a book called ‘Traveling Experiences.’ If you ask the people to send in their experience of any format, publishing different formats on your site will become a matter of concern. Therefore, it is suggested that you should send a form with different fields. It will make sure that the format is not getting obstructed. 

6.       Optimize The File Names Of The Images 

As per Google, only the URL path & the file name help Google understand your image better. It means that you should organize the URLs of the image logically & include various critical terms in the file name. 

‘I KNOW’ that ‘YOU KNOW’: 

File names must not be complicated. Make use of the alt-text as the file name. Similarly, it becomes easier for WordPress to upload the posts. 

Final Comments!

Though, image optimization itself cannot affect the rankings. But apart from ranking, our other aim is to enhance the user experience. Image optimization, thus, plays a pivotal role in improving the experience. 

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