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What is Each Knife?

Those of us who have dedicated our lives to this site are well aware of the variety of knives available and the importance of knives in every situation. When creating a unique knife is to adapt it to a specific purpose. Then what happens is that we see it, hear it or read it and we don’t know the purpose of each knife.

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Often people ask about the purpose of each kitchen knife. In between all the things we will be looking at, we have a dedicated page so if you want to know more about it, just click on the link button we provide.

What is a Chef’s Knife?

All knives are designed to cut. But everything depends on how and with whom. In this case, the chef’s knife or “chef” is the basis of every cook. Whether professional or amateur, chop everything from vegetables to meat and fish. It is a medium-sized knife with a broad, thick, durable, and versatile blade. which always needs sharpening (like all knives)

Who is a Lace Knife For?

Lace is another essential kitchen knife. This is similar to the microsimulation of the previous simulation, which allows us to make more precise cuts on the board (to a lesser degree) or in the air (for example when cutting cheese or removing the stem of a tomato).

What is The Use Of a Paring Knife?

If paring means peeling, then paring knives are primarily used for peeling fruits and vegetables. Or something to clean it?

Who is a Butcher Knife For?

A butcher knife or a butcher knife with a narrow blade of small thickness. As the name suggests, it is suitable for cutting meat and fish. Not to be confused with the steak knife we ​​use with the fork when it’s time to eat meat.

What are Santoku knives?

We haven’t been in the kitchen all our lives. This is why many seniors are wondering about the purpose of using a Santoku knife. Anyway, he stays with us for life, because in Japan the santoku is the equivalent of our chef’s knife. This is a very versatile knife we use for cutting thick slices, in this case, a paring knife.

Why Do You Need a Knife With Holes?

Among the objects that raised the greatest suspicion were (too many) obscure knives with round holes or other shapes. If you’ve never used these knives before, you’ll love seeing them while cutting cheese. The cut pieces will rest on the board without sticking to the blade. This is his mission. They are ignored by those who have not tried. But it becomes a necessity for those who have it sometimes.

What are Electric Knives?

Finally, many people still wonder what the purpose of an electric knife is, in this case, the main function is to cut bread and frozen food. Its main function is to allow or facilitate the cutting of products that a normal serrated knife cannot afford.

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